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Those are not contrails we're seeing

Guest Commentary


As writer Martin Trees sits quietly in his White Salmon home contemplating what he believes to be familiar jet contrails drifting across Northwestern skies, he may have an entirely new challenge to his sense of security when he discovers the actual source of the phenomena he has found so reassuring.

For those long-lasting linear white clouds criss-crossing the skies over our area -- and much of North America -- are not commercial jet contrails. They are "chemtrails" from military tanker jets depositing aluminum oxide, barium stearate, and other undesignated chemical agents in the atmosphere; the products of U.S. Space Command and other government agencies engaged in ongoing military and environmental experiments involving weather modification, communication, and space-based electromagnetic warfare programs.

The difference between normal jet contrails and chemtrails is readily detectable. Commercial jet contrails, or vapor trails, result from high-altitude, low-temperature condensation which dissipates rapidly in the atmosphere, remaining visible in the sky for only a few minutes. On the other hand, chemtrails are aerosal-dispensed chemical agents that form long-lasting billowing plumes, typically deposited across the sky in geometric grids which slowly feather out into cloudlike formations, and may remain visible for hours. Chemtrails have been clearly visible over our area and the Northwest for more than two years.

It is impossible to know the numbers, types, and amounts of chemical agents being sprayed; for what specific purposes; or what the potential fallout hazards may be, since the Defense Department, the U.S. Space Command, and participating government agencies refuse access to data. They also often deny that aerial spraying for space-based military or environmental control purposes is taking place. But, increasingly, many in the scientific, medical, and environmental communities, some non-governmental organizations, members of Congress, and an expanding segment of an informed public are concerned with the dangerous global implications of these programs and the potential damage to land and atmosphere, and to human life and habitation on Earth.

The immediate reality is that federal government agencies are involved in continuing experiments for military and environmental purposes that involve extensive high-altitude aerial spraying of chemical agents. It is known that the fallout from these chemical sprays contains toxic micro-fibers, bacteria, and carcinogens, all of which may produce air and ground conditions that may be harmful to life. It is believed that barium salt, polymer fibers, and other chemicals in the atmosphere stimulate the growth of molds and bacteria and may be responsible for unexplained physical ailments of the upper respiratory tract, asthma, allergies, pneumonia, and arthritis-like symptoms. It is also known that barium salts are toxins that are readily absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract, to be deposited into muscle and tissue.

The fact that access to knowledge about the particular byproducts of these chemical, biological, harmful, and illegal agents has been restricted should give all citizens cause for increased concern. But it most certainly should enable us to distinguish the difference between what is deposited in our skies as a friendly civilian jet contrail, or as a more ominous military tanker chemtrail.

Leonard Kitts lives in Hood River.


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