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Blue heron returns for Thanksgiving

Trout Lake News for Dec. 1

By the

Trout Lake Newswriters

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Bonnie Reynolds, 395-2527

Laurie West, 395-9330

Thanksgiving came with perfect timing as the day's cooking added much needed warmth inside our homes. Working on a special project for spring, it is now time to offer local residents the opportunity to participate in some of the planning and preparation for the event.

After interviewing our four foreign exchange students for a recent newspaper article, I gleaned that all of the boys, besides loving soccer, also love to cook. When asked if they would like to be part of putting together an international breakfast brunch in the spring, they were unanimous in wanting to participate. Each of them came up with great menu suggestions which will showcase foods they cook in their own countries.

After talking with Doug Dearden, the school's principal, and others who have volunteered to take part in the project, we are ready to begin organizing the brunch to be held in March 2006.

The first meeting to discuss the project will be held at the school Monday, Dec. 5, at 3:30 p.m. The organizers of the event hope to raise money to donate to the school for some equipment that may be needed. We will be seeking suggestions at the meeting as to where the money should be used. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 395-9330.

Poetry comes to mind on many occasions and especially when I experience wildlife at its best. The following poem was written this past week and, after being asked by many of you, I would like to share this with everyone.

The Great Blue Heron

Oh, what a sight to see you on the runway's path;

After you land with the grace of a stealth.

A sleek long blue-grey neck your body doth hath;

With a large turkey shaped torso proving good health.

You come here often before winter sets in;

Landing on almost the very same spot.

I wonder where your journey began;

As, by your head, I know you are fully grown.

You have landed here twice before;

Just as winter blows into the valley.

Not everyone sees you with their naked eye;

Or knows your now familiar calls.

Your head is adorned with white bold cheeks;

Accentuated by a long slender yellow dagger.

At the bottom of your looped neck hangs a beard;

To cover your pulled-in neck when you fly over the hill.

At first you stand warily still, peering all around;

Making sure no predator awaits.

Once assured, you make furtive steps;

Hoping they won't make any sound.

Ever so slowly, you advance down the runway;

Walking tall and unaware of my watching eyes.

Tilting your head from side to side -- up and down;

With long black protruding feathers pointing to the skies.

I've heard you in the early morning;

"Frahnk, frahnk, frahnk," you squawk in succession.

Letting me know you're still in Trout Lake;

Ready to land again to continue your stylish gait.

You'll take-off soon as you journey south;

Where warmer waters will provide safe haven.

Fish, frogs, crawfish and other aquatic life;

With mice and insects a smorgasbord delight,

Until next year, when I'll look toward the runway;

Please have a safe journey you beautiful bird.

I'll know you're back on your rodent hunting ground;

When I hear you calling, "frahnk, frahnk, frahnk."

Trout Lake Classroom teachers incorporate art training in their daily lesson plans. The 7th and 8th grades have the opportunity to take a design class with teacher, Jerry Wood. Many students have found this class to be the ticket they needed to make their design dreams a reality.

There are computer design classes available for middle and high school students with Dennis Anderson. The school has approximately one computer for every two students. Most of the computers have been made by the students under Anderson's supervision, bringing the cost of the machines from over $1500 to about $450. The machines are capable of many complex functions, among them being graphic art.

The application of these skills may be appreciated in the print and design work done totally by students in publication of The Village Voice, the school newsletter distributed monthly to Trout Lake Box holders. The students do the photography, writing, layout and design of their yearbook.

Both these projects are under the tutelage of Dennis Anderson.

The school has a web site created and maintained primarily by twelfth grader, Adi Robertson. Check out the web site at to see an example of applied skills, and check out the calendar for dates of scheduled art and cultural events at the school.

The school's approach to making art available to students is very creative in that it uses a minimum of extra financial commitment, integrates art into every day experiences and supports the development of academic skills.

Ongoing art and music events are available at the Trout Lake Country Inn.

Longtime Trout Lake resident and purveyor of creative events assumed management of the Country Inn ( still known fondly by many locals and not so locals as the "Old Trout Lake Tavern") this past year. Entertainment director Jimmy Robb has been scheduling events which are posted on the web site:

Generally there is open mic on Thursday nights, live music on Friday and Saturday night, movies on Sunday night, and occasionally, showing of work of local artists.

The nature of arts in Trout Lake is generosity, so rich, varied and exciting -- so often freely given by very talented people.

Calendar of Art Opportunities Open to All and Available Free in Trout Lake December thorugh March.

Trout Lake Community Choir, Mondays, 7 p.m., call for specific details, 395- 9305

Quilting every Monday at 10 at Trout Lake Grange, call 395-2679 or 395-2889

Christmas Cantata -- Dec. 18 at 7 p.m. at Jonah Ministries, call 395-9305

Christmas Eve Service -- community singing, Dec. 24, 7, Presbyterian Church.

Art Council meeting, Jan 10, at 7 at Trout Lake School, call 395-2294

Trout Lake School -- refer to web site --

Trout Lake Country Inn -- refer to web site --

Laurie West -- Trout Lake newswriter


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