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Congrats to graduates

Trout Lake News for June 17

By the

Trout Lake Newswriters

Pat Arnold, 395-2233

Maxine Bulick, 395-2101

Sarah Burr Arnold, 395-2669

Congratulations to all the graduates and their families, including, of course, those students being promoted from eighth grade and about to start the high school adventure as the class of 2014. The high school class of 2010 (50th reunion 2060) includes Megan Anderson, Laura Avila, Chaz Johnson, Dana Kavanagh, Megan Mersereau, Morgan Smith, Luke Tibbott, Chelsea Webberley, Andrew Wells, Todd Wells, Donavan Woodruff, and Katie Yarnell. Some of the graduates are the last of their brothers and sisters to graduate, and to those parents now contemplating no homework, no DI, no sports, no parent/teacher conferences, no band practices -- it went by fast, didn't it?

Graduation ceremonies included addresses from valedictorian Megan Anderson, salutatorian Luke Tibbott, and community mainstay and school board member Diane Paxson. Graduation is a time to celebrate many things, and one of those things is how many Trout Lake graduates are going on to further study (all, this year) and how much help Trout Lake graduates receive from the community. The 2010 Trout Lake Community Foundation awarded 25 scholarships, including six to past graduates.

Much of the scholarship money comes from the Foundation and from the Erwin Sweighoefer endowment, but much of it also comes from local businesses, (Trout Lake Farm, Turtle Island Foods, and Fortress Investments) and from community members who donate individually. This year saw six individual and family donations, some anonymous, some as memorials, and all generous. There were other scholarships awarded, also greatly appreciated and useful, but we can take pride as a community in the $26,457.46 donated through community resources and members. The odd cents come, of course, in the $957.46 raised by the annual penny drive.

Then, no end of the school year is complete without the report from the B league state track meet. This year's young team carried on the tradition of great success. The girls' team as a whole got second at state and the boys' team brought home the fourth place trophy. All track athletes are outstanding, and we had some that really stood out. Alec England won the 1600 meter. Liz Vogt got first in two events, the 300 hurdles and the triple jump. Mckenzie Zoller got fifth in the pole vault. Our girls 4x100 relay team was also state champion. That team included Anna Nakae, Amanda Zoller, Mckenzie Zoller and Katie Yarnell.

So, on into the future, graduates, athletes, community, and world. Upcoming in Trout Lake world, two events this weekend. First, Fish Education Day, on Saturday, June 19, at Guler County Park, 9 a.m. to noon, for kids 12 and under.

Also Saturday, June 19, the annual American Cancer Society Relay for Life carwash and bake sale is from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the school. As most of you know, the team headed by Betty Jolley, like all teams, holds several fundraisers during the year, and then takes the money they raise to the actual relay on July 17. The relay is not sponsored walk event, but is a time when the teams get together to celebrate the year's accomplishments and for the teams and others to hold a raffle and some fun competitions (best-dressed man is said to be entertaining). There is music, food, an opportunity to donate to Locks for Love, and 24 hours of walking, starting at 9 a.m.Saturday, July 17, at the Odell fairgrounds. Betty has a team of about 10 people, and would welcome others. Even without joining the team, you can help by bringing your car to be washed and/or a donation for the bake sale.

Looking like the usual busy summer in Trout Lake. Here's a heads up about other Trout Lake events that are closing in fast.

Saturday, June 26, Saturday Market opens and the 8th annual Mt. Adams Country bicycle tour kicks off at 7 a.m., registration at the school.

Bible school at the Presbyterian Church, June 29 to July 1, for children ages 4-9. The theme will be "Gifts of the Spirit."

July 17 and 18, Trout Lake Festival of the Arts.

Bible School sponsored by the Baptist Church is July 19 to 23, for children ages four to 12, 9 a.m. to noon, at Jonah Ministries, the theme is "Saddle Ridge Ranch."

Now, some Trout Lake stories. The first one goes like this. We have a Trout Lake resident, over 30 but under 40 years old, who lives and works here and doesn't have a car. Most of us have at least two cars, right? One to drive and another to drive if the first one breaks down. We drive to church and Saturday Market and the post office, not to mention Hood River and Portland. This resident bikes to Hood River, puts the bike on the bus to Portland, and bikes around Portland to do errands, takes the bus (or the train) back to Hood River and bikes up the hill. I say "well done," and maybe if someone will come and train my donkeys I'll start taking the donkey cart to town.

Then there is the duckling story. About two weeks ago I passed what looked like a dust swirl on the highway, but I stopped when I realized I was seeing small birds swirling around. A mother duck had been hit and killed right in front of the llama ranch, and the ducklings were running around her. I went back, and the ducklings had gotten off the road and were peeping in the bushes. I moved the mother off the road, and then people began to stop, Karen Fee and Cheryl Mack, and then Skylar's dad and mom, Richard and Angel (Hankel) Sanders and their small son Talon. Skylar's dad plunged down into the bushes, following the chicks, and the rest of us left. I stopped at the hardware store and Brent called around to see if anyone could help, which encouraged me when I got home to call the Rowena wildlife clinic, and they encouraged me to bring in whatever chicks we could catch. I called Kozen Sampson, and he came out with two other people, and a cat box, and by the time we all got back to the site Skylar's family had caught five of the ducklings. Between us we caught two more. Another went into Sherburne's yard and two more were across the street at the pond, and we couldn't catch them. Two Jonah counselors took the box of ducklings to Hood River where they were picked up by a Rowena wildlife volunteer. They are now thriving at the clinic under the care of foster mother duck "Duckie," a permanent clinic resident. So this is a story of tears for the mother duck and the lost ducklings and all the animals we kill on the highway but also immense gratitude for the efforts that saved some of the ducklings. To whoever hit that mother duck and didn't stop, well, your choice, and to those who hit the accelerator and made lots of noise going by, well, maybe you thought we were in your way, but to all those who helped, and to the Rowena clinic for being there, thanks. You are awesome, and I never use that word.

NWSA news. Brendan Norman and Greg Page came to talk to the community council on June 2 about the Trout Lake Fire Plan, which has been a huge success here under the guidance of our local steering committee and of the Northwest Service Academy. Funding for the fire plan has run out, so no additional work will be done around residences this year, but worse, as you probably know, the NWSA has not received any funding for any programs for next year. It is hard to imagine life without the NWSA based in Trout Lake. So many terrific young adults, including Trout Lake High School graduates, coming through the program and doing so much good work on trails, for the community, and for the organizations that they have been posted to. No specific reasons were given for the refusal to fund, although there are funds for on-going programs, and the NWSA has met or exceeded all the performance standards in their funding contracts. People have mounted efforts to get the funding decision re-considered. If you want to participate, or just want to know more, contact the NWSA at 395-3469, and they can send you a fact sheet that they have prepared. Letters of support will be helpful.

FOLKS -- we need another newswriter. No meetings, just pour your heart out in front of your computer once a month. Pat Arnold, newswriter


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