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Letters to the Editor 10/3

A little over a year ago, my friend Joy Callahan (due to a diabetic episode) was being cut from her car by firefighters suing the “Jaws of Life.” Joy is diabetic and has had this debilitating disease since she was 5 years old. She has an insulin pump and all the other hi-tech gadgets yet these close calls are happening with greater frequency and severity. This is common as year after year diabetes takes its toll on the body.

We know something had to be done or Joy was not going to survive one of these close calls. After a lot of research, Warren Retrievers became our answer. A service dog that can smell if her blood sugars are off with any accuracy that modern technology cannot. A dog to alert Joy immediately if her levels go up or down, wake her up if she has an incident at night, and can be trained to call 911 if joy does not respond. This perfect solution also came with a $25,000 price tag. The cost almost stopped us in our tracks but we realized Joy’s life is worth more than $25,000.

And, so the fundraising began. Local businesses have let us place Joy Jugs next to the cash registers. We have collected mass amounts of recycling to be cashed in. Solstice Café in Bingen donated 25 percent of sales at one of their mobile events at the Ruins. The Solstice staff gives their tips from to-go orders into Joy’s Jug. Last weekend we had a garage sale that was a huge success thanks to the generosity of the many families that donated great stuff for us to sell, as well as the steady stream of locals stopping by to shop. Bill Ward came with his service dog to let people see a dog at work and a kind lady paid $50 for a T-shirt.

The generosity of this community is amazing and greatly appreciated. We have had a few large personal donations by my favorite one was actually a small gift. A little girl I babysit didn’t understand why we were buying a dog when there were a lot of dogs at the shelters. I explained the training and answered her many questions about why this dog is so special. She wandered off and came back as her brother was telling her the difference between $1, $100 and $1,000 so she could understand what $25,000 meant. She became very quiet and I knew she had something on her mind. She told me she had one more question about the dog but was afraid I might laugh at her. I assured her she could ask me anything and I promised her I would not laugh. She held out her hand with a wadded up $5 bill inside and asked me, “Is this enough money to save your friend’s life?”

I had promised not to laugh but couldn’t stop the tears as I looked at this child’s straight from the heart kindness. Five dollars to a second grader is huge. I had already told her every dollar counts so, yea, I accepted that little girls gift, This prompted her big brother to get $5 out of his piggy bank too.

All of the contributions have been beautiful, kind, generous and greatly appreciated. My sincere thanks goes out to all who have donated and continue to help our cause. We only have $9,000 more to go and none of this would have happened without a lot of really great people.

Joy has named her dog Zoey, which means giver of life. Donations are still being accepted at or (Joy Callahan account) or stop by Postal Connections in White Salmon where we keep Joy’s Big Jug. All donations are tax deductible.

Thanks to all who have helped so far, we feel the love. Remember there are plenty of opportunities out there to prove that you too can be as generous as a second grader.’

With gratitude.

Kerry Lucia, Joy Callahan’s friend White Salmon

I am not sure if this is the proper place to post this, but I would like to report a hit and run on my vehicle yesterday. I called the sheriffs office multiple times with no answer, or call back. I drive a green Ford Mustang and it was hit while I was at work in BZ Corner. The driver side door is dented, scraped and my mirror is now hanging by a wire.There is a scrape of white paint over the dent and down the side of my vehicle. The person who hit it did not leave any information whatsoever, or speak to me. It was only hours later that I was told that my vehicle was damaged. I would appreciate if this information were posted in at attempt to reach this person for more information and payment for damages.

Madeline Witherow White Salmon

We have the right to know what is in our food and what we feed our children! Vote yes on Initiative 522, which would label genetically engineered (GE) foods. Just as we label sugar and sodium levels, natural and artificial flavors, and whether salmon is wild or farm-raised, we deserve a label for genetically engineered foods.

Confusion is being spread by the No on 522 side. It is funded by the giant processed food manufacturing and biotech industries who pumped $46 million into California to defeat a labeling initiative and are now doing the same in Washington State. At the bottom of their website it states “Top five contributors: Grocery Manufacturers Association, Monsanto Company, DuPont Pioneer, Dow AgroSciences LLC, Bayer CropScience.” Follow the money!

Worldwide acceptance:

Sixty-four other countries currently label their genetically engineered foods and ingredients . The same global companies objecting to labeling here are already labeling their products for those markets.

The biotech industry blocked national action by inserting Monsanto attorney Michael Taylor into the FDA where he wrote the rule that GE food is the same as regular food and therefore no labeling or testing be required. This mantra has been repeated time and again as truth. It is false. Watch Genetic Roulette online or from the public library. Follow the money!

Price of food:

Studies have shown that labeling will not increase costs. A 2012 study by Professor Joanna Bailey, Ph.D., Emory University, found “little or no change in consumer food prices” as a result of labeling. A Business Day analysis by Professor Chis Viljoen found “There has never been a documented report that genetic modification [labeling] has led to a cost increase in food anywhere.”

The No522 side presents a study by the Washington Research Council falsely claiming prices would go up. Look at the bottom of the study - “This voter information paid for by NO on 522.” Same contributors. Follow the money!

Ease of changing food labels:

Food manufacturers consistently change labels on their products without affecting the price consumers pay. Whether to adjust for ingredient changes or put a different picture on the package, changes to labels are a regular part of business in the food industry.

To get the REAL facts, come to the White Salmon Public Library 7pm Thursday October 10th.

Dr. Rick Allen, DC Trout Lake

To every Republican member of the House of Representatives who

voted approval of the federal funding bill which included a provision defunding the Affordable

Care Act; I don't understand your lack of concern and sympathy to voters (your constituents)

lacking health insurance. A great number of voters in our Congressional Districts are employed

at the minimum wage. Employers don?t provide health insurance to them or their families and

these employees can?t afford to purchase health insurance. Congressional Representatives have

federally provided health care insurance subsidized by the government yet choose to deny this to

their constituents. Do our Republican Party Congressional Representatives lack any concern for

low-income members of our society? Do they care? As a constituent of theirs I shall vote against

the irresponsible Republican Party Congressional Representatives in the next election. I sincerely

hope your constituents which you have victimized do the same as I.

Bill Nix

Thank you, Ladies.

There are two special ladies from our community who spend hours each week at Klickitat County Cemetery Dist # 1. In White Salmon cleaning head stones and trimming the grass around the edges of headstones. Ladies your efforts have not gone unnoticed. I have heard so many nice comments about what you are doing.. I have had calls from families asking if I knew who these good patrons are. They want to personally say thank you to you two special ladies. There names are Elizabeth Yarnell and Eula Smith.

Thank you so much Beth and Eula. Keep up the good work.

Jerry Smith Husum Wa


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