Letters To The Editor 10/17/13

Reasons to support passage of food labeling initiative

I am writing in support of Initiative 522, which would label GMO foods and ingredients. I can and do read food labels that tell about vitamins, minerals, fiber, and additives like xanthium gum. Many of these require the label to be written and printed but require testing to ascertain the actual quantities in a portion of the food in the can or box or bag. GMO is much simpler. Either gen-etically engineered ingredients are there or they aren’t. No testing required, and less expense than changing the label to tell us about the “new improved size” or whatever other information the manufacturer wants us to know.

Why is this so hard for Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont, and the Grocery Man-ufacturers Association to deal with? What don’t they want me to know? How much GMO must be in my food, and their profits, to make it worth their while to spend $46 million in California and, as of Oct. 1, $17.4 million here in Washington? They already have to label food sold in 64 countries. Why not here?

I’m not going to make an argument about the danger of GMO. I personally think that GMO is an experiment that I’d prefer not to take part in. It’s ridiculous to say that we actually know what the long-term effects of GMO ingredients and crops are. How does anyone know what a lifetime of eating GMO food may do to us? Or what years of heavy herbicide use will do to our soil and to the environment. Remember, GMOs really are about selling crops that encourage or force farmers to use the herbicides sold by Monsanto, DuPont, and other companies.

If people aren’t worried about the effect of GMO on their own health, I recommend a look at yeson522.com to read about the potential negative impacts that GMO food could have on Washing-ton’s fisheries, apple industry, and wheat farmers. Vote YES on I-522.

Pat Arnold

Trout Lake

Columbia River Gorge needs less pollution, not more

In the Letters to the Editor section of the Aug. 15 edition of The Enterprise, Brandy Miller and Mika Clark doubted reports of coal dust wafting from the coal trains. If their minds are blown just imagining such a sight, what would experiencing it first-hand do to them?

Twice now, as I approached the west end of Drano Lake on State Route 14, I was horrified to find myself driving into a thick reddish-brown cloud that obscured the road before me and drifted toward the fishermen in boats on Drano Lake. Upon entering the cloud, I held my breath as grit pelted my windshield. Below the cloud, currents of black dust swarmed above the pavement. A coal train confrontation, I call it, for there it was, blasting by all of us in a Gorge where we need less air pollution, not more of it.

Cynthia Hovezak

Home Valley

Klickitat Trail trailheads, toilets open amid shutdown

The board of directors of the Klickitat Trail Conservancy want to inform Klic-kitat Trail users regarding the impact to the Trail resulting from the shutdown of the Federal Government. First of all, the trail is owned by Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission. All of the trail will remain entirely open during any length of government shutdown.

The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) is one of the three partners on the trail. They will not be doing any maintenance or be functioning in any way relative to the Trail. This means that the toilets and garbage cans they were maintaining at the Lyle Trailhead are closed immediately. The parking lot at the Lyle Trailhead is open as usual. KTC will be stepping up to pay for the portable toilets at the Lyle Trailhead. No garbage will be picked up there. The KTC will also pay for the portable toilet at Pitt, which was being covered by USFS. All other trailheads will continue to be open and portable toilets there will be serviced, again paid for by the KTC.

Law enforcement on the trail will continue as usual, since that is the duty of Washington State Parks. KTC will continue our maintenance program for the trail and all KTC Events will go forward as planned. Sorry for any inconvenience during the shutdown.

Jim Minick


on behalf of the KTC Board of Directors

Pop-up window gallery is right next door to Katina’s

The White Salmon Arts Council is doing the community a service by improving the outward appearance of some vacant buildings in downtown White Salmon.

My daughter and I were happy to participate in the window display in October. I talked to some people who saw the article announcing the display in last week’s The Enterprise, but they couldn’t tell from the article where the display was located.

Check out the window in the vacant building next to Katina’s on the southside of Jewett Boulevard. (She’s at 111 E. Jewett.) Each month the display will feature a different artist, as it has for the past few months.

Judy Maule White Salmon

Herrera-Beutler’s Tea Party allegiances are misplaced

Thank you, Sverre Bakke, for your “Wagging the dog” editorial last week. Everything you said rang true.

I especially liked your description of the Tea Party Republicans: “They are the most unruly, uncompromising, undemocratic, unpatriotic, politically illiterate, delusional, paranoid bunch to ever serve in either house of the people’s government.” I would add infantile hypocrites.

Bush inherited a fiscal surplus from the Clinton presidency but promptly turned that into the biggest deficit in history. Bush decided to wage two unfunded wars (one illegal) and cut taxes for the rich. Where were these TP vitriolic poop-throwers and all their self-righteous fiscal indignation when a Republican president was pushing us over the fiscal cliff?

Now these holier than thou TP Republicans want to trash our economy and our democracy with a government shutdown because they can’t win their “defund the ACA (Obamacare)” campaign within our democratic process. They’ve held 43 legislative votes to re-peal: no wins; seen the matter go to the Supreme Court case: no win.

These guys are worse than two year olds throwing temper tantrums because their dad won’t let them play in the street. They should go back to potty training and quit defecating on the American people.

Jaime Herrera-Beutler is our Repub-lican representative in the House. If you don’t like the budget being held hostage by the TP Republicans, let her know that her allegiances are misplaced. We are her constituents, not the Tea Party Republicans.

Chris Connolly


A Yes vote on Port levy lid lift is a vote for prosperity

With November almost here, many will be voting in our 2013 general election. Several issues are on the ballot this year that garners much attention. The election for Klickitat County’s next Clerk is being run for by two very qualified women, and the outcome is expected to be close. There’s even a vote pertaining to the labeling of products containing genetically modified foods. Another very important local issue is for our local economy, and the outcome will be decided in this year’s general election. If you like a stable economy, read on

If you can remember back to a year ago at this time, you might recall a request made by the Port of Klickitat to lift the tax levy lid in that general election. The regular tax rate (levy lid) is still in place, at a rate of 17.103 cents per $1,000 of a property’s assessed value, due to voters disapproving of the levy lid lift in that 2012 election. The Klickitat County Port Commissioners are making that request again.

The lifting of the current levy lid would raise the tax rate to 45 cents per $1,000 of a property’s assessed value. That’s not outrageously high, especially if you consider that out of all the special districts in Klickitat County, if approved, this lift would make the Port of Klickitat’s tax rate the fourth lowest tax rate in in a Klickitat County special district with 17 special districts having higher rates. In fact, it would even be 7 cents lower than the combined rates of the IDD levy and regular tax which were in place until 2012.

Without the Industrial Development District levy which expired in 2012, Port Commissioners believe the drive to prepare Port property for development while continuing to maintain and im-prove upon older buildings would lose steam. That is why they are asking for the levy lid to be lifted, and that is why I support this lift and encourage everyone to do the same at the ballot box. With this new tax rate, the Port of Klickitat can continue to develop its property, lease that property to businesses that are a tax base, and will hire employees which will do business here, pay taxes here, and ultimately help all of us to thrive in a circle of economic prosperity. Vote Yes on lifting the levy lid this November.

Kevin Herman

White Salmon

Will Port follow Fire District No. 3’s lead on levy lift?

In regard to the “temporary” levy lid lift being requested by the Port of Klickitat on Nov. 5, will it be truly temporary? Or, will it be like that of Klickitat County Fire District No. 3? Six years ago, Fire District No. 3 asked the voters to approve a “temporary” six-year levy lid lift to fund equipment purchases and capital improvements.

The voters approved the measure on the basis that it was a temporary necessity. Thereafter, Fire District No. 3 based its contract with the City of White Salmon for the White Salmon Fire Department to provide first-response fire protection to the White Salmon Urban Growth Area based on the expiration of the levy lid lift at the end of this year. The minutes of the Aug. 12, 2010, Fire District No. 3 Commission-ers’ public meeting state: “A resolution to have Brian Snure draw up a contract on behalf of the District to contract with the City of White Salmon for first response in the urban growth area for a term no longer than three years, at which time the six-year lid lift levy will expire and a new contract will be negotiated unless there is a consolidation of fire services.”

Evan though Fire District No. 3 always publicly professed that the levy lid lift was “temporary” and would expire at the end of 2013, the Fire District No. 3 Commissioners recently executed a declaration and unilaterally declared the levy lid lift is “permanent.” Fire District No. 3 and its commissioners will not allow the constituents of Fire District No. 3 to vote on whether to extend the levy lid lift.

Will the Port of Klickitat do the same when its temporary levy lid lift expires? Is the Port of Klickitat anymore trustworthy than Fire District No. 3?

Lance S. Stryker

White Salmon

Please call before you clean headstones at WS cemetery

While the White Salmon Cemetery Board of Commissioners appreciates the good intentions of those who wish to clean around headstones. However, there are guidelines to be followed.

In order to maintain visual uniformity within the cemetery and for maintenance considerations, any volunteer work must be approved by the board.

For information, call 493-2329.

Art Blades

Rodney Eichner

Mary Ann Fritchey

Board of Commissioners

Klickitat County

Cemetery District No. 1


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