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WS seeking drought funding for Jewett Springs diversion

Drought relief preparations are moving along in the city of White Salmon.

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In its 17th season, Rattlesnake Plants melds experience and learning

Taking a ride up Lyle’s Old Highway 8 onto Canyon Road leads to the source of some of the Gorge’s happiest gardens.

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4-H lambs OK in city, WSCC says

Five days from today, 4-Hers can buy licenses to keep project lambs for a limited period of the year in the city limits of White Salmon.

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Is White Salmon going baa-baa for lambs?

The White Salmon City Council last Wednesday gave every indication that it is going to amend its Animal Ordinance to allow residents to keep project lambs for a limited period of time during the year.

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White Salmon Farmers Market experiences growth

The White Salmon Farmers Market saw growth in multiple areas last summer, including gross sales totals for vendors.

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Before market, Scratch-A-Lot Farm’s chickens, turkeys know only comfort

Life is pretty sweet for the chickens and turkeys of Scratch-A-Lot Farm in Mill A.

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Belief in organic farming keeps Columbia Gorge Garlic going

Columbia Gorge Garlic has been with the White Salmon Farmers Market since the beginning.

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Fermented foods coming to WS Farmers’ Market via Blue Bus

For Colin and Kristin Franger it all started in a big blue bus.

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Pot growers, processors sifting through logistics of licensing, compliance

There are hundreds of potential entrepreneurs taking advantage of the new Initiative 502 that passed last December making the recreational sale and use of marijuana legal for adults throughout the state, but in Klickitat County there have been 13 applications to produce, 11 to process, and four to sell it in a free and fair market, the waters of which have thus far been untested from a regulatory point of view until now.

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WGAP to no longer deliver to food banks due to lack of funding

Three food banks in Klickitat County and one in Skamania County are looking for ways to ensure food continues to make it to the shelves and to those in need after the Washington Gorge Action Programs (WGAP) was forced to eliminate its delivery services indefinitely.

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CHS FFA places 2nd at logging rodeo

The Columbia High School Chapter of the Future Farmers of America got 2nd place in the logging rodeo at Toutle High School over the weekend.

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Don't miss out! One last WS Farmers' Market Oct. 15

White Salmon Farmers’ Market, in collaboration with Gorge Grown Food Network, will be holding one more farmers’ market in White Salmon this year.

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Abundant pear harvest shows promise, some frost damage with few pickers

While growers in the Gorge have found themselves in the midst of a plentiful yield of all types of pears, a late frost and a workforce of pickers spread thin have been cause for some challenges throughout the harvest.

Tribes demand state and federal responses to fish consumption advisories issued for the Columbia

Provoked by increasing health risks to their vulnerable high fish-consuming population, tribal leaders are calling for prompt state and federal responses to Monday’s announcement of fish consumption advisories for the Columbia River by Washington and Oregon state health authorities.