White Salmon vs. Erica L. Nelson, speeding, paid $113.

Bingen vs. Kenneth E. Noel, failure to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk, paid $124.

State vs. Neil J. McDaniel, fishing without license, paid $87.

State vs. Paul J. Kuneki, no navigation lights, paid $87.

County vs. Cynthia L. Barker, DUI, FTA, $5,000 warrant issued.

County vs. Cynthia L. Barker, no insurance, FTA, $602 committed.

White Salmon vs. Cameron Barton, theft III, fined $5,000 with $4,400 suspended and 364 days in jail with 362 days suspended, assessed $293 in court costs.

County vs. Joseph E. Flock, resisting arrest, fined $1,000 with $1,000 suspended and 90 days in jail with 89 suspended, credit for 1 day served.

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