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The Glenwood 4-H members and leaders are busily preparing for the 2007 Klickitat County Fair to be held in Goldendale next week. Be sure to visit the 4-H displays at the fair; the exhibitors have worked hard all year to ensure their entries will look sharp at the fair. Following are Glenwood's leaders and members of the various 4-H groups who will be exhibiting their projects at the fair.

Swine: Jenny Wilkins and Trent Steinbach are co-leaders while Bryce, Kurt and Kyle Wilkins, Dakota, Dustin and Dalton Jones, Emily Brasuell, Kylie and Tanner Montgomery, Taylor Feller and Tim Kuhnhausen are raising market pigs.

Beef: Mike Woodward is the leader for Angel Murillo and Jarin Ladiges' beef projects.

Sheep: Emma Jane LaVallie, Rachel Throop and Cynthia Wasgatt are the sheep leaders. Members include Angeline and Katie Wasgatt, Jaylin and Jonathon Throop, Julia LaVallie and Mariah Smith.

Horse: Davina Feller is leading the horse projects as members Audrey Hill, Dakota and Dalton Jones and Whitney Feller practice hard for their equine classes.

Mini Horse: Toni Troh is helping Kinley and Colton Troh with their mini-horse projects.

Dog: Vernadean Dean is teaching the dog project. Her K-9 handlers include Jaylin and Jonathon Throop, Katie Wasgatt, Kyle Dean, Tanner Montgomery and Whitney Feller.

Family Living: Elizabeth Jones is leading these projects. Cooking and sewing members include Angeline and Katie Wasgatt, Angelique Sohappy, Brittany and Tiffany McCoy, Catherine Settler, Dakota Jones, Emily Brasuell, Julia LaVallie, Kaylene Tyndall, Kylie Montgomery, Mariah Smith, Georgie Kokos and Neola Putnam.

Gardening: Taunie Shupe and Jessica Molyneux are co-leaders for the gardening project. Their budding gardeners include Baylee and Madi Couch, Whitney Feller, Brittany and Tiffany McCoy, Colton and Kinley Troh, Bryce Wilkins, Dakota and Dalton Jones, and Jaylin and Jonathon Throop.

Photography: Toni Troh is leading the shutterbugs as they learn the fine art of photography. Her members include Audrey Hill, Catherine Settler, Dakota Jones and Georgie Kokos.

Also, remember to support our youth in the 4-H and FFA market stock sale on Aug. 25. Many of the hard-working 4-Hers use money from their market projects to contribute to their college expenses. Harry Miller, Margaret Throop and Roxie Clemmer are accepting donations on behalf of the Glenwood Community 4-H Market Sale again this year. Donations will be utilized to increase the selling price of the Glenwood 4-H members' livestock. If you are interested in supporting the 4-Hers, please contact Harry, Margaret or Roxie. Thank you for your support of our 4-H youth!

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