The International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England has named Dr. John Emil Halver one of the "Leading Scientists of the World" for 2005.

Mayor Dave Hutchinson in Lake Forest Park, presented the certificate and medal to Dr Halver at the Rotary International meeting on Aug 3, 2005. The certificate commends Dr. Halver's lifetime of scientific research in Nutritional Biochemistry.

Dr. Halver is a pioneering scientist in fish nutrition, physiology, cellular biochemistry, and metabolism.

He was born in Woodinville, raised in Everett, Bothell, and Woodinville, earned his bachelors and masters degrees at Washington State University and a Ph.D. at the University of Washington.

He opened the Western Fish Nutrition Laboratory at Cook in the Columbia River Gorge in 1950, and there developed the basis of commercial fish feeds used throughout the US and the world. In the US Army Medical Labs he also worked on nutrition requirements of military personnel, and development of field rations for the troops.

In 1977 Dr. Halver moved to Seattle where he taught nutrition courses at the University of Washington until his retirement.

Dr. and Mrs. Halver still maintain their home in the Columbia gorge at Underwood, where they raised their family.

His international work for Food & Agricultural Organization, United Nations Development Program, World Bank, US Aid to Developing Countries, and the International Executive Service Corps has spanned 30 years of effort to assist populations in developing countries to improve their food supply.

Dr. Halver is no stranger to honors. He is a member of the US National Academy of Sciences, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the American Fisheries Hall of Fame, received the Makila d'Honour (Basque), and is a Citoyen d' Honour (France). For his fish nutrition studies he was named "The Father of Fish Nutrition."

Dr. John Halver has been active in Rotary International for over 50 years. He is also a dedicated Christian who believes that science and theology have the same final goal of understanding truth in our universe.

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