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We are happy to report that Coy Sauls is home. He is recovering from back surgery last week in Portland, Ore. It's wonderful that there is help for most of those suffering bad backs.

Several Community Council members attended the EDA meeting in Goldendale last week. KPUD was one of the groups on the agenda. They presented their case for the rate increases to the EDA board. No solutions were offered, but the door was opened for discussion.

Jim and Eileen Brashers celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with family and friends at their home Saturday the 26th. We will give a more in-depth report next week.

Sylvia Gould's family gathered for a family reunion over the weekend. Son Tim and family from Texas were here as well as lots of family from Oregon and locally. Time was spent visiting, catching up and lots of good food.

The all-school reunion is being held this weekend. Many of us are looking forward to greeting old school chums and reviving many a school memory. Over 100 have registered for the dinner on Saturday and about 150 for the picnic at the Lyle Lions Community Center on Sunday. Think we could still squeeze a few more in if you would like to come. Call 365-5375.

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Community Churches

Lyle United Methodist at 403 W. Klickitat St. Service at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday evening Bible study.

Lyle Celebration Center at 715 Washington St.

Lyle History: Takes from the Ruralite January 1980.

Still Having fun! Story by M.V. Frank Morgan.

Blair has worked hard at clearing the land of stumps since the age of 14. Even when he and Dorothy were married in 1937, they worked together to clear 100 mores acres; the ranch includes 500 cleared acres now.

The Shippeys are proud of the fact that their Durham-Shorthorn herd -- which began in 1918 with one registered cow, an old red Durham named Cherry, and the loan of a bull from Ernie Struck -- grew without any more purchasing to approximately 250 cows and a total of 500 yearlings and calves. The Grand Marshal's trophy for the Lyle Pioneer Days parade in 1978 is recognition of the Shippeys' long years of hard work since pioneer days.

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