Imagine hearing: "Let's meet in front of the white salmon" and knowing exactly what this meant.

That was the brainchild of Celynn Vandeventer, owner of Postal Connections. The white salmon referred to would be a giant one -40 feet long- painted on the fence between Artisans Jewelry store and the old Creamery Building and adding a shimmering, humorous presence to the downtown district.

Securing permission from the property owner, enlisting the help of the White Salmon Arts Council and donations from downtown businesses, Vandeventer plans to have the salmon in place in late June.

Community mural artist, Janet Essley (who painted the history mural at the Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery) will lead the community painting event.

This will be the first time Essley has created a mural on this type of surface. "I can't predict exactly what it will look like, but I do know that when people work together, marvelous things happen."

Volunteers are needed to help with the painting which will take place Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, June 28, 29, 30 from 2-5 p,m.

No experience necessary, but please bring a house painting brush. Come one day or all three.

For more information, check out the sign in the Creamery building window next to the fence.

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