Three area men have been arrested and charged with the alleged rape and attempted murder of a 16-year-old girl from White Salmon.

James A. Webberly, 21, of Trout Lake; Jimmy Sampson, 20, of Trout Lake; and Jason A. Parks, 26, of Hood River, have each been charged with one count of Attempted Murder in the First Degree, and one count each of Rape in the First Degree.

According to the Klickitat County Sheriff's Office, law enforcement officials received a call from emergency room staff at Skyline Hospital on Aug. 8 at approximately 6 a.m.

Skyline personnel said they were treating a girl who showed up at the hospital. She was injured, and reported that she had been assaulted and raped.

The alleged assault occurred in a wooded area near Trout Lake.

With assistance from Skyline Hospital staff, investigators from KCSO established probable cause to arrest the three men.

All three were located and arrested in the Trout Lake area, then transported to the Klickitat County Jail in Goldendale.

At a preliminary court appearance in Superior Court in Goldendale last Friday, Aug. 9, all three entered "not guilty" pleas.

The girl, a sophomore at Columbia High School during the 2001-2002 school year, suffered unspecified injuries in the attack.

According to Klickitat County Sheriff Chris Mace, the victim's injuries were very serious, but she is recovering.

"No human should have to be subjected to that kind of treatment," Mace said. "Nobody should suffer that kind of an assault."

Mace declined to specify whether a weapon was used in the attack on the girl.

Klickitat County Prosecuting Attorney Tim O'Neill declined to comment on the case.

"No comment. No comment on an ongoing matter," O'Neill said on Monday. "I'm not trying to be evasive, but there is a defendant's right to a fair trial."

O'Neill confirmed that the three suspects had their initial court appearance on Aug. 9, and bail was set at that time. The bail amount was $500,000 each for the three defendants in the case.

All three men were assigned court-appointed attorneys to represent them. Arraignment is scheduled for Aug. 19, 2002.

The Klickitat County Sheriff's Office is continuing its investigation, and other charges in the case may be filed later.

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