We’re still adjusting to changes required in order to comply with closures and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Last week, Glenwood students began their online classes with their teachers. Laptop computers, text books, and work packets have been distributed to all the students.  They will be able to see their teachers face to face through Zoom connections. Best of luck to all the students, teachers, and parents as the school begins this last phase of the journey to the end of this school year.

Caring people in our community continue to help out here any way they can. Klickitat County is very fortunate to be one of the beneficiaries of surplus produce that would otherwise be destroyed. A producer in Pasco is donating truckloads of produce to our county, where Aimee Waddell, with a lot of helpers, distributes the donated vegetables to the various community representatives. We are very grateful to Taunie Wilson and her crew of helpers who collect the surplus vegetables from Goldendale each Tuesday and Friday morning to distribute to Glenwood residents in the parking area across from the General Store. We owe a big thanks to Taunie and her crew, Aimee Waddell and her crew in Goldendale, and the unnamed grower in Pasco.  

As I have said, these acts of kindness go a long, long way to easing the stress and worry so many are feeling during this pandemic. Taunie is posting times and updates on the Glenwood Facebook page to confirm when the produce is here and ready for pick up.  She would also appreciate donations of paper bags if any of you have some saved up.  This is a truly heartwarming, feel-good story we all need at this time.  

Many of us have heard, or even said it ourselves, that we are all in the same boat during this period of staying home to help stop the spread of COVID-19. That’s not exactly correct. We may all be in the same ocean, but our boats are all different shapes and capacities. There are families who have been able to continue working while others work for businesses that have had to close. There are families who no longer have children at home, and families who suddenly find themselves homeschooling their children and developing a much greater appreciation for their children’s’ teachers.  Some are trying to make car or house/rent payments and pay other bills and figure out how to put food on their tables. We should all try to find compassion and understanding for what our friends and neighbors might be going through during this time and support each other as much as possible. It is still heartwarming to see messages offering to pick up supplies for those unable to shop for themselves. We are lucky to live in a community that cares.

Many adults as well as the children in the community have suffered disappointments because plans have had to be changed and events have been canceled. But the most heart-wrenching loss has been for our Glenwood High School senior class. These kids began raising funds in sixth grade, working hard to save money for an amazing senior trip to New York City.  Itineraries were planned, reservations made, and tickets and deposits paid, only to have those plans come to a screeching halt. They have had to forego the last prom of their high school years, and these seniors, who were looking forward to a chance to try to return to the State track meet championships to repeat their victories from last year didn’t even get to have a track season. We don’t yet know if there will be some sort of graduation ceremony or what that might look like. The ones I’ve seen and spoken to are taking these huge losses with an incredible amount of acceptance and dignity.

Most of you may have noticed the awesome banners on display along Glenwood’s main street. Each banner features a different Glenwood senior. This is an incredibly cool way to honor the kids in this class of 2020 and we would like to say thank you to superintendent Heather Gimlin for having these banners made and to Darren Jones for hanging them. 

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