A volunteer of “Lyle Good Food News” wishes to relay to you a reminder that from their conglomerate of various Lyle organizations and State Washington Gorge Action Program (WaGap) a grand open house is planned at the Lyle Activity Center, on the corner of Third and Klickitat streets for July 1 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thereafter, it will be open every first Wednesday at that time and again on the third Wednesday but from 4-6 p.m., every month thereafter for a permanent Food Bank will be established for the local residents in need. If you have not signed up for the commodities, you can do so there. During the COVID-19 restrictions, the Lyle Food Bank will be run as a drive-thru. For your safety, the mask wearing volunteers will greet you on Klickitat Street and would appreciate your caring enough to also wear one and keep the distance rule. If transportation or time of day is a problem you can call to arrange someone else to pick up for you, such as a family member or neighbor. Of course, there are always openings for volunteers to work at the food bank, so please inquire if you are interested. Call 509-281-0884.

The Washington Gorge Action Programs not only helps bring food to those who need, but also spearheads the local Our Klickitat Prevention Coalition (OK) that is “A Partnership of Youth & Adult Community Members Working Together to Reduce the Negative Impacts of Substance Use in Klickitat County.” The priority is reaching out to the youth in our area and encouraging them to make the best choices for their own well being.

Besides those dates, on each Friday through the summer, the Farmer’s Market will also be parked in the green space at the Lyle Activity Center, with a beautiful display of fresh veggies and fruit directly from the fields to you. The diversity of the healthy edibles is only limited to nature’s ability to ripen each type and the pickers to box them up. Various ways of financial exchange are accepted, making the whole shopping visit as pleasant as possible. As much as they would like to have it different, the virus restrictions also forces the proprietors to ask you to follow rules and make your shopping as simple as possible.

High Prairie’s Fire Chief Tim Darland wants to thank all the volunteers that helped clear the overgrown vegetation at the twl fire stations and storage barn. Thirteen volunteers showed up on Saturday with brush hogs, lawn mowers and weed whackers to finish all three areas by noon. Great work by everyone especially finishing up in the rain for the last hour!

If you have any organizational or personal news you wish to share, be advised that my phone number has changed. It is 509-365-2273 and email address is lykensme41@gmail.com. My deadline is Sundays and I will need your news a few days beforehand ... the earlier the better.

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