With diplomas in hand, graduates leave Miller Gym on Saturday following the 2019 ceremony

Scholarship Night on Tuesday, June 4, in Miller Memorial Gym saw Columbia High School’s Class of 2019 receive over $330,000 in scholarships and other monetary awards.


Columbia High School Outstanding Senior Athletes (plaques): Chandlor Bucklin, Trenton Howard, and Gracie Vaughan.

Columbia High School Top 7% of Graduating Class (certificates): Cesar Robles, Chandlor Bucklin, Tyr Anderson, Rosalyn Slater, Carolyn LaBerge, Tida Rau, and Angelie Sampson.


Anna Boddinghouse Memorial — $500, Chandlor Bucklin and Cesar Robles.

Austin Jennings Bucklin Memorial — $500, Gracie Vaughan.

Cal Poly — $1,000 renewable, Rosalyn Slater.

Career and Technical Education — $1,000, Stryder Kane and Cesar Robles.

College of Idaho — $2,000, Louise Howe.

Columbia High School Alumni Association — $2,000, Gregory Haner, Carolina Avila, Ethan Andrews, Gracie Vaughan, Emily Lockman, Cesar Robles, Angelie Sampson, Grant Anderson, Serenity Barbour-Harrell, Suleyma Yazmin Nunez, and Ivy McDonald.

Columbia River Fellowship for Peace — $500, Emily Lockman.

Doris Givan Memorial — $500, Angelie Sampson, Ethan Andrews, Cesar Robles, Stryder Kane, Ivy McDonald, Emily Lockman, Gracie Vaughan, Serenity Barbour-Harrell, Bailey Gimlin, and Gregory Haner.

Margaret Glader Memorial — $500, Gracie Vaughan, Gillian Woods, Suleyma Yazmin Nunez, Emily Lockman, and Bailey Gimlin.

Harmony of the Gorge — $500, Cesar Robles.

Wayne and Dorothy Henkle 8th-Grade Scholarship — Grant Anderson and Emily Lockman.

Wayne and Dorothy Henkle Memorial Scholarship — $1,000, Angelie Sampson.

Horatio Alger — $25,000 over 4 years, Emily Lockman.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows – $2,000, Trevor Cooper and Emily Lockman.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows Vocational Scholarship — $1,000, Trevor Cooper.

Kelly Foundation — $2,500, Emily Lockman and Cesar Robles.

Gail Larsen Sportsmanship Award — $500, Gregory Haner.

Lockheed Martin — $40,000 over 4 years, Cesar Robles.

Lofgren Memorial — $500, Emily Lockman, Ivy McDonald, and Cesar Robles.

Mid-Columbia Knights of Columbus — $1,000, Angelie Sampson and Carolyn LaBerge.

Montana State University — $32,000 over 4 years, Louise Howe.

Esther Pearce Memorial — $750, Emily Lockman.

P.E.O Sisterhood — $1,000, Emily Lockman.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute — $18,000 over 4 years, Tyr Anderson.

Rocky Mountain College — $60,000, Ethan Andrews.

Rotary International — $500, Angelie Sampson, Cesar Robles, and Ivy McDonald.

Soroptimist International of Mt. Adams Youth Citizenship Merit Award — $800, Carolyn LaBerge, $700, Rosalyn Slater, $600, Emily Lockman, $500, Angelie Sampson and Gracie Vaughan.

Angeline Stevenson 8th-Grade — $400, Tida Rau, $200, Louise Howe.

Angeline Stevenson Visual Arts Memorial — $500, Louise Howe, $750, Abby Casillas-Don.

University of Montana — $60,000 over 4 years, Grant Anderson.

University of Montana Grizzly Marching Band — $1,000, Grant Anderson.

Washington State University-University Achievement Award — $2,000 renewable, Gerald Hoff.

Washington State Opportunity — $22,500 over 4 years, Cesar Robles and Emily Lockman.

Washington State School Retirees’ Association — $3,600 over 4 years, Emily Lockman.

White Salmon Lions Club — $1,000, Ethan Andrews, Serenity Barbour-Harrell, Gregory Haner, Carolyn LaBerge, Angelie Sampson, Rosalyn Slater.

White Salmon Steelheaders — $500, Ivy McDonald.

United States Military Academy-West Point — Chandlor Bucklin.

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