White Salmon Mayor Dave Poucher has announced that he will not be seeking re-election in 2020.

The announcement came at the March 20 meeting of the White Salmon City Council.

 Poucher also sent a letter to The Enterprise announcing his decision. The letter can be read on Page 4:

The Enterprise also sat down with Poucher to get a full view of his time as Mayor of White Salmon.

What do you believe you have accomplished as Mayor over the last 12 years?

Well, there are the things I have mentioned in my letter, but there was also so much more going on behind the scenes, especially in the first four years. As Mayor, you are not just in a leadership role for the city, but for the staff at city hall. We have an amazing staff at City Hall, but when I arrived 12 years ago, the first thing that I needed to accomplish was to revitalize the administration and the staff and build cohesion. That is something I am proud of.

 Another thing that I am proud of was moving our billing system from DOS to Microsoft.

What would you like to accomplish with your remaining time as mayor?

 I would like to get the ball rolling on infrastructure projects in White Salmon, particularly our waterlines. We have these water lines from the 1950s that are 2-6 inches wide and service 30-40 homes and businesses. It’s 2019, it’s well past time we upgraded our waterlines. It’s an expensive project, no doubt about that, but it needs to be done and we are not going to get help from the state or the fed to do it, those dollars go to Seattle and Spokane and other larger cities, so it’s up to White Salmon to make those improvements.

On some more fun projects I would like to at least get to the construction phase of the Waterfront Park, as well as a safer walking path that connects State Route 141 to the Loop Trail. I think both projects are going to be major assets to the city.

What have you learned from your experience as mayor?

 You need to have a vision for the city and need to work to guide that vision and the city forward.

If there was anything you would have done differently, what would it be?

There were mistakes made along the way for sure, but I prefer to learn from them and look forward. I don’t think it is helpful to look back.

What advice do you have for the next mayor?

Be willing and have enough time and energy to do the job, be consistent, love White Salmon, and always ask what can I do for the city?

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