Closing out the series on the on the anticipated futures of Columbia High School seniors is career high school athlete, Trenton Howard.

 Howard has had his hand in every sport offered at CHS since his freshman year. But his home is the outfield. In addition to playing baseball for the Bruins, Howard has participated in summer baseball with the Columbia River Gorge Bandits.

His roles as an outfielder, relief pitcher, and team captain earned him an $805 scholarship to Grays Harbor Community college.

The Enterprise sat down with Howard to learn more about the scholarship opportunity and his future.

While your scholarship is for baseball, what are you interested in studying at Grays Harbor?

Trenton Howard: I’m interested in studying business management, though I’m not too sure what I want to do with that.

When he’s not out on the ball field Howard has participated in the CHS chapter of the Future Farmers of America (FFA), who are currently working to finish an animal pavilion on the CHS campus.

Do you have an ambition to go into baseball professionally?

Howard: I think every kid dreams of being a professional athlete, I know I did. But the reality of it is unlikely. So, I’m taking advantage of the scholarship and going to college, I don’t know yet if I will pursue a four-year degree, or just join the workforce when I’m done.

At the start of baseball season CHS’s head baseball coach John Hallead had this to say about Howard.

“What else can be said about Trenton Howard and his legacy at Columbia High School that the novice fan can’t easily see. He was a stud in football, and key part of the basketball program, and most likely, a back-to-back All-State selection who will no doubt be a star college baseball player.”

Do you think you will return to White Salmon in the future?

Howard: My whole family is here, so in the long run, yes. But I think it will be good for me to get out of here for a little bit and be on my own in a new place.

(Howard will join CHS alum and former teammate William Gross at Grays Harbor.)

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