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The Insitu Corporation on Mon-day notified its employees of impending layoffs resulting from a rapidly evolving marketplace for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Insitu spokesperson Jennifer Beloy confirmed to The Enterprise on Monday that “yes, there will be layoffs” coming out of a corporate restructuring being devised by executives of Insitu and its owner, The Boeing Co.

Insitu’s corporate headquarters in Bingen on Monday announced the layoffs in a mass email to the company’s 1,500 employees, most of whom work at Insitu facilities in the Columbia River Gorge and the Northwest.

The 60-day layoff notices issued to employees, according to Beloy, were not required under federal labor law, but were given out “be-cause leadership is committed to providing sufficient notice...”

Beloy told The Enterprise a few hours before its press deadline on Monday that “it’s premature to say who or how many will be impacted” by the layoff notification.

“The decisions are still being made,” she said, noting executives were meeting in Bingen to finalize details of the reduction in force and business restructuring for sharing with the Insitu community.

“It’s a developing story,” Beloy said and added more information will be forthcoming to the public once specifics become available.

In the notice to employees, Insitu and Boeing executives told them “impacted employees will be connected to resources to help them deal with the transition,” Beloy said, reading from the notice.

Confirmation about layoffs by Insitu and Boeing capped speculation about a corporate shake-up that had surfaced as rumors more than a month ago.

At 5 p.m. on Monday, Insitu told all employees they had to take part in a mandatory meeting on Tues-day morning via Skype due to the lack of an adequate meeting space.

The Enterprise will be updating this story via its website as new developments are revealed by In-situ and Boeing executives.

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