A notice of development application was delivered to the cities of White Salmon and Bingen by Mike Hilb of Dry Creek Ranch LLC, notifying the cities of a plan to develop a 69-lot subdivision in the Dry Creek aea on the east side of Sky-line Hospital and Rhine Village.

The plan is to divide the 47.58-acre parcel into 69 single-family home lots. The property is currently zoned R1 for 5,000 square foot lots. Property west of the proposed development is zoned R2 and R3 for multi-family residences. The maximum density for the number of lots allowed on the proposed development property is 414.

If the project makes it through the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review process and is approved by the White Salmon Planning Commission and City Council, construction would begin in fall 2019.

Construction would be phased in two parts and will contain the development of lots for both town homes and single-family homes. The site plan checklist completed by Dry Creek Ranch LLC on March 8 indicates the homes built on these lots will be moderate to high in-come level homes.

Phase one of construction would be the first 23 of the proposed 69 lots. Lots numbered 1-7, 10-13, and 18-29 are the proposed first lots to be developed. This initial development will also include the installation of roadway and utilities.

The development plan has laid out that at least 15 lots over the course of the next five years will be developed. However, open spaces have been designated in the site development plan to mitigate impacts to the environment and wildlife present in that area.

Construction of the development would also include aspects of the Firewise program to help reduce the potential impact and damage of fire.

Dry Creek Road would be the main access road to the development. Part of the construction phase includes improvements to Dry Creek Road to meet City of White Salmon standards and so that it can be designated as a public road. Meanwhile, the spurs off Dry Creek Road will be designated as private roads leading to cul-de-sacs. The road will include a pull out for emergency vehicles.

 A walking path has been included in the designs and would connect the development to the popular Burdoin Mountain trail for hikers and mountain bikers.

 As part of the development, roadway ditches will be constructed to convey stormwater to existing drains. Stormwater retention ponds will also be developed along the existing channels to collect additional stormwater generated by development. The pond will treat the water before allowing it to re-enter Dry Creek.

A public hearing with the White Salmon Planning Commission on this proposed subdivision is yet to be scheduled.

This is the third attempt by a developer to create a subdivision in the Dry Creek area over the last decade. However, this is the first to make it to the SEPA process.

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