Mana Wildfire Logistics, Inc. a small non-profit start-up in Washington State, focused on being a link in the supply chain with local, state, and federal efforts battling our ever-growing wildfire seasons.

Organizers came up with the idea for this non-profit through the efforts over the years after helping to organize, and coordinate resupply efforts for small rural fire districts and communities.

Mana Wildfire Logistics recently heard of a small district in rural unincorporated Klickitat County – Klickitat County Fire District #13 - Appleton.

Having experienced three major break-ins to the department and having spent thousands of their already small operating budget fixing the damages, the department made a plea for help online asking for basic supplies to help ease the burden on the department’s finances.

“We at Mana Wildfire Logistics saw their cry for help and offered as private citizens to help with water, Gatorade, energy drinks, baby wipes, and non-perishable snacks,” said Mykal Taylor, director of marketing.

According to Taylor, over the course of the last two weeks, Mana has coordinated with several businesses in its communities of Puyallup, Auburn and Chehalis for supplies. In addition, the non-profit was able to set up a booth and hand out flyers created by Appleton Fire Chief Chuck Walker.

“The public support was unbelievable,” said Taylor.

On Saturday, May 11, Mana Wildfire Logistics delivered the supplies of — 3,432 bottles of water, 688 bottles of Gatorade, 60 bottles of Powerade, 10 Monster energy drinks, 60 bottles of Sparkling Water, 21 bags of beef jerky, 5 bags of trail mix, 54 bags of assorted nut mix, 5 tubs of peanuts, 1,275 energy bars, 10 pepperoni sticks, 4 instant Mac N’ Cheese, 194 cracker packs, 1 tuna salad pack, 1 microwavable chili, 90 snack packs, 138 bags of chips, 16,767 baby wipes, 36 diapers, 4 baby bottles, 4 rolls of toilet paper, — to the Appleton Fire Department.

“We would like to again thank the wonderful volunteers of Appleton KCFD #13, as well as Olympus Services LLC Fence, Deck & Concrete, Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office, Walmart in Chehalis, Winco Foods in Puyallup, Grocery Outlet in Chehalis, and the men and women of Lewis County for their support,” said Taylor.

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