Sept. 22

Bingen – Domestic violence. Report of suspect entering home and threatening to hit victim. Report forwarded to prosecutor.

Steuben Street, Bingen – Disorderly conduct. Dispute over transporting a child without a car seat.

Sept. 23

Bingen – Suspicious person. Report of person wearing dark clothing knocking on door, saying they belonged there. Reporting party (R/P) shut the door and called police.

Sept. 24

White Salmon – Theft. Report of bikes and helmet stolen from property.

White Salmon – Fraud. Report of unauthorized use of credit card.

Sept. 25

White Salmon – Theft. R/P reported a baby stroller and car battery stolen from property.

Jewett Boulevard, White Salmon – Report of suspect opening their car door and hitting victim’s vehicle. Minor damage. Information exchanged.

Sept. 26

Steuben Street and State Route 14, Bingen – Traffic offense. Driver failed to yield right of way to pedestrians. Officer turned on lights and siren. Driver did not pull over until milepost 71. Driver cited for second-degree negligent driving.

Gaddis Park, White Salmon – Littering. R/P brought to the office garbage that was all over the ground by the bike path. Officer able to locate suspect.

Wauna Avenue, White Salmon – Fraud. Report of person cashing a fraudulent check and using fake ID. Investigation continuing.

Bingen – Dispute. Report of neighbor’s garbage in R/P’s yard.

Sept. 27

White Salmon – Domestic violence. Verbal dispute only; no assault.

Wauna Avenue, White Salmon – Theft. R/P reported their dog and personal items were taken from a parked vehicle. Suspect contacted. Dog and personal items returned to R/P.

Sept. 28

State Route 14, White Salmon – Domestic violence. Verbal dispute. Suspect then hit windshield, breaking it. Cited for third-degree malicious mischief.

White Salmon – Disorderly conduct. Report of person out of control. R/P cannot calm person down. Person arrested for disorderly conduct.

Jewett Boulevard, White Salmon – Warrant arrest. Suspect arrested for harassment. Transported to Skamania County Jail in Stevenson.

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