John Frazer is the owner of Stamp the Earth LLC a Columbia River Gorge based company that specializes in decorative stamped and stained concrete features for homes and businesses.

Stamp the Earth does everything from simple to custom applications, providing a concrete solution to fit the home and business owner needs.

“We specialize in decorative projects and enjoy working with homeowners to create unique designs, such as fire pits, hand-carved retaining walls, water features, stamped/stained patios, and countertops,” said Frazer.

Stamp the Earth LLC has proudly served the Columbia River Gorge, since 2012.

“I was born and raised in White Salmon, so it’s great to work in the community I call home,” said Frazer.

Each project is unique, as the designs are tailored to the home or business owner.

Utilizing the current landscaping, surroundings, and the owners’ wants/needs, we create a vision,” said Frazer.

During the onsite consultation, Frazer and the client discuss color options, styles and textures.

“We like to infuse multiple colors into a project, as it creates visual interest,” said Frazer.

 Once these items are finalized, Frazer and the client review a breakdown of costs and timeline for construction.

One of Stamp the Earth’s most popular textures is the Roman slate and rustic wooden plank stamps.

The Roman slate is a stone texture, which is great for outdoor applications and easy to maintain. The wooden plank stamps are 14 inches wide and offer a rustic feel.

“Some of the most unique projects we’ve done are a 37-foot diameter labyrinth, a second story infinity driveway, and a hand-carved firepit and retaining wall,” said Frazer.

Frazer and his team just wrapped up a contemporary style patio with a 14-foot rectangular fire pit in White Salmon.

“There is a lot of creativity involved and I enjoy working with people to achieve their desired results,” said Frazer.

From design, installation, maintenance and restoration Stamp the Earth LLC does it all when it comes to concrete.

You can view some of their projects on their photo gallery at or on their Facebook page to see current projects as they develop.

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