Center for Arts Featuring White Salmon Artist, Protege

Young Atticus Naramore will be showing his work Nov. 1 to 18 at the Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River. Naramore’s work will be featured alongside his instructor Mefore Aday. (Submitted photo)

At nine years old, Atticus Naramore might be short on years, but he’s long on experience. A compulsive doodler since the age tender age of four, he’s filled an estimated 5,000 sheets of paper with highly detailed drawings of a variety of subjects using pencil, ink, watercolors, and acrylic.

“He goes through at least one sketchbook a week,” says his father, Mikael. “We’ve had to buy reams of computer paper just to keep up with him.”

Recognizing a need for more intensive art instruction for their son, Mikael and Leslie Naramore of White Salmon turned to the local art community for help, where they found Mefore Aday, a prolific artist in her own right who has exhibited all over the Pacific Northwest and U.S.

“We thought her style complimented what we were seeing with Atticus’ work, and it turned out she was offering private lessons. We’re so glad we took the plunge; his art has taken on a completely new dimension.”

That was in the fall of 2016. After two years of working with a variety of media, Atticus and Mefore Aday have teamed up for Atticus’ first public exhibition. “Young Voices: Emerging Artists & Their Mentors” opens Friday, Nov. 2, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River.

This exhibition will feature the art of collaborative teams of established artists and their emerging young protégés. Local seasoned artists will be paired with emerging artists to work together on themed pieces. The exhibition will run from Nov. 1 to 18.

For this exhibition, Atticus and Mefore worked primarily with acrylic paint on canvas to create a tryptych — a collaborative, mostly abstract, three painting series of related shapes, textures and designs.

Atticus is optimistic about his first art show. “We worked really hard, but we had a lot of fun!” “Collaborating with Atticus on this project proved to be both challenging and very rewarding,” says Aday. “Replicating the abstract paint strokes of a nine-year-old… I had to work pretty hard at it. Like solving a chaotic puzzle!”

Mefore Aday teaches weekly classes for children and adults at CCA and her pieces can be found throughout the Gorge, including murals at the White Salmon Elks Lodge and All Adventures Rafting in BZ Corner, or on her website at

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