Changes coming for White Salmon school buses

Multiple changes are occurring on school bus routes throughout the White Salmon Valley School District. Check below to see if your student's stop is on the list of those to be changed.

Busing changes will be occurring at the Intermediate School on its first day, Aug. 26, and route changes will occur throughout the district the remainder of the year.

At the Intermediate School, buses will be early on the first day. Buses will operate normally scheduled routes for the first day of Intermediate School, Tuesday, Aug. 26. However, due to the significantly lower number of students riding buses that day, riders can expect all buses to run well ahead of schedule both morning and afternoon. Buses may run up to 15 minutes ahead of schedule. In the morning, have students arrive at their bus stop well in advance of the buses normally scheduled arrival time. For parents meeting their students at the bus stop in the afternoon, arrive early as the buses will likely be running very early. Again, this only affects Tuesday, Aug. 26.

During morning unloading buses will pull along the curb to unload the Intermediate students just before the cross walk at the front entrance to Henkle Middle School. Only fourth through sixth graders will be unloaded there. The buses will then pull forward and unload seventh- through 12th- grade students in front of the gazebo leading to the grand stands. Parents are asked not to unload students at the sidewalk in front of Henkle Middle School as the buses now require the space.

Route changes occurring include the following:

Town/Pencil Bus — The Town/Pencil Bus will be reinstated for afternoon transportation to the White Salmon Park stop. In the afternoon, the Town/Pencil bus will be a second bus, and will be the last bus in that line-up. In the morning, the Bunny bus will continue to pick up students at the White Salmon Park stop.

Loop/Grape and Rhine Village/Cat Bus — The Loop and Rhine Village routes will combine into one route, the Loop/Rhine Village Grape bus. There will no longer be a Cat bus. For all students residing at Rhine Village, seventh through 12th grade students will be picked up first in the morning. The bus will return at a later time to pick up kindergarten through sixth grade students. This only applies to students living at Rhine Village. In the afternoon the Loop/RV Grape bus will remain in the second bus line up for pick up from school

BZ/Apple, Gilmer/Duck, and Husum/Ice Cream Bus — The BZ/Apple route is being absorbed by the Gilmer/Duck and Husum/-Ice Cream routes. There will no longer be a BZ/Apple route at this time. All students from EZ Street south on Hwy 141 will be picked up by the Husum/Ice Cream bus. All students from the BZ Store north on State Route 141 will be picked up by the Gilmer/-Duck bus. In the afternoon both the Husum/Ice Cream and the Gilmer/Duck bus will remain in the first bus line up for pick up from school.

Many of the bus stop times have changed both morning and afternoon, call the transportation department at 493-1590 to confirm what time the bus will arrive at a student’s stop.

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