Air Quality in Klickitat County Very High

Increased traffic has made access to the air monitors used by the Klickitat County Health Department very spotty.

“What we know from the forecast this morning is that it’s likely to be some time before we see much extended improvement in the air quality. We may see levels in the unhealthy and very unhealthy range,” said Matt Borden, environmental health specialist II, local emergency response coordinator for the Klickitat County Health Department.

More information about air quality can be found at:


DOH guidelines for schools can be found here:

Please keep in mind that DOH is an advisory entity and individual decisions for school closures remain the decision of the schools, Borden said.

Borden said some things that are advised. Turn air handling systems to recirculate to decrease the amount of low quality air being brought into the building. If HEPA filters are available they can be used to eliminate particulates.

People should limit outdoor activities, especially those who are at risk. Sensitive groups include people with heart or lung disease, asthma, diabetes, infants, children, adults older than 65, pregnant women, or who have had a stroke.

Be mindful of how you are feeling and see your doctor if you are feeling ill or having severe symptoms.

For updates on any current air quality advisory contact

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