Approximately 70 personnel were involved in fighting a fire that broke out on High Prairie Sunday afternoon. The fire was caused by a lawnmower. Approximately 86 acres were burned before the fire was contained. See details below. (Photo courtesy of Fire District No. 14)

A fire broke out on Mott Rd around 4:30 p.m. Sunday, July 15, caused by a lawnmower. The fire was contained around 10:30 p.m. Total acreage burned is approximately 86 acres. No structures were lost.

The incident command structure consisted of a unified command with High Prairie Fire Chief and DNR South East Unit Manager. There was approximately 70 personnel fighting the fire. This includes 18 brush trucks, 1 rotor (on standby at the scene), 2 single seat Fire Bosses, 3 water tenders and 2 dozers.

Initial Level 1 evacuation notices were sent to residents west of Hartland Rd.

Mutual aid resources were requested from DNR, Lyle, Centerville, Rural 7, Goldendale, USFS Scenic Area and Bingen.

“The fire went as well as it could have based on travel distance by mutual aid resources. All agencies worked very well together and we certainly could not have caught the fire without everyone’s assistance,” said Chief Tim Darland.

Monday morning, DNR had 1 overhead and a strike team of engines (5 total) and a tender from HP Fire to continue to mop up the fire.

“I am very impressed with our fire department, Klickitat Co Sheriff’s Department, Department of Emergency Management and Dispatch personnel, County Road crews, first responders, DNR, USFS and all the fire agencies that provided mutual aid to our District. Outstanding efforts by all to save lives and property,” Chief Darland said.

On Monday, July 16, DNR provided 1 overhead and a strike team (4 engines) to continue to mop up the fire. High Prairie Fire provided a 4,000-gallon tender, 1 brush truck and one overhead to support fire crews with mop up. One area of concern was internal to the fire perimeter and consisted of a small stand of timber, which was emitting a lot of heat. Throughout the day, fire crews gridded out the burned area and located several hot spots, which were cooled and mopped up. No areas of smoke were visible by early evening as the crews left the area for a well-deserved good night’s rest.

On Tuesday, July 17, the DNR strike team returned and continued to grid out the area for any remaining hot spots. If no additional hot spots were identified, the Mott Fire will be in a “patrol status” stage. This means DNR will patrol the area for the next three days for any hot spots or smoke. If, after that time, no signs of fire or heat are observed, DNR will call the fire “Out”.

“On behalf of the High Prairie Fire Commissioners and department personnel, “Thank You” to all the local, state and federal agencies providing automatic and mutual aid during the incident. Your professionalism and assistance are greatly appreciated,” Chief Darland concluded.

Klickitat County Emergency Notification System: Klickitat County Department of Emergency Management urges residents to visit and click on the “Emergency Notification” registration link at the top right.

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