Big Britches Productions is announcing a stay-at-home project for anyone to participate.

It is called, simply, The Shakespeare Project.

“Although COVID-19 has forced us to cancel our remaining 2020 season, we are anxious to engage our erstwhile audiences with live streaming and/or recorded events,” said Big Britches Founder Bruce Ludwig. The resulting content from The Shakespeare Project will be used for one such event and will be used in a future live performance.

“We want anyone to engage and help us out, whether you’re involved in theater or not, whether you know, like, or understand Shakespeare or not ... we’d like you to stretch your experiential bones,” Ludwig said in a Facebook post on the project. Big Britches, founded in 2018, is based at Bingen Theater.

Here’s what you need:

A way to video yourself (smart phone) and access to Shakespearean monologues, sonnets, or soliloquies (Internet).

Here’s what Big Britches want you to do:

Option 1: Find and memorize a Shakespearean monologue, sonnet, or soliloquy, and then record yourself performing the piece;

Option 2: Instead of memorizing it, read it, but be familiar enough with the content that you only need to occasionally glance at the words, and keep the script out of the camera’s view.


Each recorded piece should be no more than about five minutes long, but can be less;

No dialog please. If more than one person is appearing in your video, audio should be in unison.

There are lots of ways to find something to memorize. Search for Shakespearean monologues for men, or women, or about love, or practically any topic;

It is recommended that you read a “modern” language version of the script to help you understand meaning, but all recordings must be done using original Shakespeare script;

Use as much or as little “acting” as you are capable/comfortable with. It helps to use expression and body language to convey Shakespeare’s meaning.

Individuals may submit up to three different recordings;

Costumes are not required, but appropriate costumes are not prohibited.

The recording should only frame you from about the waist up, and the background can be pretty much anything. In fact, a background that allows us to see a tiny aspect of your isolation may be fun.

Important information:

Performers will not be paid. This is strictly voluntary;

By submitting a video, you are giving Big Britches permission to use your video as online content (free to viewers, and we intend to edit multiple performances together into themed videos), and for use in an upcoming live performance (2021 or later)… you will also be invited to attend the live show for free when it is produced;

 If you happen to have a video clip of you performing a Shakespearean piece from an actual performance, submit it;

Submit all videos to, and be sure to include your name, city/state, best email, and phone number;

 Videos may be submitted at any time. This open call will continue through at least September, maybe longer. However, the sooner the better;

Final decision as to include your video submission in our project is at the discretion of Big Britches Productions (but the likelihood of inclusion is high, said the press release).

If you have any questions, or need any help, contact

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