Lyle News:Phone Calls Go Out For Fire

On Friday, June 29, some residents of Lyle received an automated phone call telling them to “be prepared for evacuation north of Lyle Point.” The call came as a result of a fire on the Point. Firemen responded to the fire and put it out within a relatively short period of time. A second automated call was then made calling off the evacuation notice.

Getting an automated phone call stating all of the homes north of Lyle Point are to be on alert for possible evacuation, caught me off guard last Friday afternoon. Being as I am north of Lyle Point, I realized that I should have gone to more of those meetings that teach what to do in this sort of emergency. After looking around the house and wondering, “What do I pack if I have to go?” I realized too that I’m not mentally prepared on what is most important.

I stopped, took a deep breath and decided to go find out how bad it was. Thank the Good Lord and our diligent fire department; the fire engines and firefighters had the area surrounded and all that could be seen from my viewpoint, the north side of the railroad tracks, was a large blackened area near some of the trailers out there.

About an hour later, I received another automated call telling me the alert was over and the evacuation had been called off. What I learned most about this is maybe we should all find out what to pack in one of those emergency kits just in case.

Those of you who are unaware, there is an electronic Lyle Newsletter called “What’s Happening in Lyle” which is very informative. Its editor, Marty Denis goes into deeper detail about most of the subjects submitted to her than I can here. If you wish to be on her ‘emailing list’ send a request to You’ll be glad you did, she’s good.

BTW (keeping up with the mod world of finger talk), I must remind you of the Lions First Saturday Breakfast coming on July 7. Your 4th of July parties will be over and your body will be crying out for some good solid nourishment. No better place than Lion’s Club for their all- you can eat pancakes, along with either eggs to your liking or omelet of your choice. And to follow that mod world’s thought process of “it’s all about me,” that’s how they cater to your wants while there. Price is minimal, the treatment while there priceless.

Again, I plead with you to think first and set off the fireworks in a designated area, such as the Bingen Point or go to the beach and shoot them off over the ocean, not in residential areas where those pretty little sparkles can set someone’s roof or trees on fire. It’s very plain to see that the tall dried grass around here is horrible and one little spark can do a lot of damage.

Remember the fire across the river on the old highway? That youngster that thought a firecracker would be fun up on the trail will have to deal with that cost for the rest of his life.

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