Native Tree Seedlings Available From Conservation District

The Underwood Conservation District is again selling seedlings and flowering shrubs. Seedlings are generally two-years-old and ready to plant. Quantities are limited. (Submitted photo)

Is it time you planted a tree, or a bunch of them, on your property?

If so, Underwood Conservation District has your back, offering low-cost tree seedlings and flowering shrubs through its annual native plant sale, happening now.

Seedlings are available online now through Feb. 28, 2019. It’s pretty simple: Go to the website ( and click on “Shop Native Plants” from the menu along the top. Fill a “shopping cart” and pay with a credit or debit card.

Someone without internet access, or who wants to talk about planting ideas, can call the conservation office at 509-493-1936.

Seedlings vary somewhat in size but are generally two years old, ready to plant and come in bundles of 10. There’s a variety to select from, to match our area’s various climates, from white oaks to quaking aspen, with perennial favorites like western red-cedar, ash, and bigleaf maple, plus the hearty conifers such as Douglas-fir and ponderosa pine.

Shrub and deciduous tree seedlings cost $2.50 each ($25 per bundle). Conifer seedlings start at $1.50 each, with large-quantity discounts available at 400 trees (40 bundles) and 1000 trees (100 bundles).

Quantities are limited: Best selection is found by ordering early. Orders are delivered at UCD’s third annual TreeFest on Saturday, March 16, 2019, at Rheingarten Park in downtown White Salmon.

The annual native plant sale is a long-standing tradition hosted by conservation districts around the Northwest to offer low-cost seedlings as a service to landowners.

Some landowners appreciate being able to conveniently source enough firs and pines to replant a couple acres or more. Others simply enjoy the beauty and increased property values that trees can bring. And people who want to increase bird and wildlife habitat might be attracted to a diverse hedge of flowering shrubs along a fence-line.

People wanting seedlings in smaller amounts – one of this, two of that – can take advantage of the sale, too: Individual seedlings will be available at TreeFest.

UCD is one of 47 conservation districts in Washington state, serving local landowners in understanding and improving natural resources with advice, hands-on assistance, and cost-share programs. CDs are non-regulatory and work with landowners on a voluntary basis. They help with programs such as wildfire hazard-reduction, stream health and fisheries habitat, and small farm assistance.

Underwood Conservation District’s website has more information:

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