Cougar Continues Roaming Around White Salmon

Raising your arms above your head and appearing big is one way to scare off cougars as a White Salmon teen found out recently when he took this photo in Gaddis Park.(submitted photo)

It seems White Salmon has acquired a new furry, though dangerous resident.

The cougar initially spotted on Aug. 27 off Spring Street, was seen again on the night of Aug. 29 prowling around the deck of John and Nanette Stevenson’s home and later in their driveway.

The Stevensons informed Bingen-White Salmon Police Department (BWSPD) and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), who continue to monitor the movements of the cougar.

On Aug. 30 it was seen again heading east away from town on West Winds Road.

“It hasn’t attacked any people, pets or livestock as of yet,” said Todd Jacobson of WDFW.

However, a White Salmon teenager came in close contact with the cougar on Aug. 31 at Gaddis Park.

“It came up behind my 15-year-old son today at Gaddis Park. He said it was only a few feet from him when he took a picture. He said he raised his arms above his head to appear big and the cat backed up and walked away,” said the teen’s mother in a Facebook post.

For information about what to do if you come across a cougar, check out the WDFW Web site at

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