The Emergency Operations Center, in Unified Command with the Klickitat County Public Health Department, addressed concerns regarding the county’s increasing Covid-19 case count in a June 9 in a press release.

The release states that as of June 8, the county has had an increase of 16 cases in nine days, bringing the case count to 40 total positive cases. “We entered phase 2 just one week ago and have yet to see the impact on case activity from that factor,” the release stated. “These recent cases are linked back closer to the Memorial Day weekend and increased community activity.

 “The Columbia River Gorge is known for having residents living in one state but working, visiting, or shopping across the state line. A few of the cases are linked to known outbreaks in Oregon as well. These cases have been a low risk to our county based on rapid case investigation and management done early in Oregon and with the help of the residents choosing to isolate. Some of the other positive cases have been linked to previous close contacts which were able to be addressed very quickly through contacting all close contacts and asking them to self quarantine. The other remaining cases have been traced to travel to other counties and states.

 “We expect to see increasing case activity simply due to the increased risk of more businesses and activities opening up in phase 2,” the release noted. “The biggest factor in keeping our county from losing the phase 2 status and to eventually being able to move into phase 3 is for everyone to take the proper health and hygiene precautions to reduce COVID-19 activity in our county.

“Our Public Health Department is monitoring and contacting every active case daily, and contacting all close contacts to make them aware.”

Physical distancing, wearing a mask, contact tracing, and mitigation efforts such as quarantine and isolation are the most effective tools at this point to stop the spread of the virus in Klickitat County, the release said. “Please continue to use all health precautions recommended and if you are contacted by the Public Health Department as a close contact please help by adhering to the self quarantine request.”

For more information on the process from exposure to feeling better go to the following article: ​


Individuals Should: ●

• Engage in physical distancing of at least six feet ​(​non-household members).

• Wear face coverings in public places.

 • Wash hands frequently with soap and water.

• Cover coughs and sneezes.

• Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

• Disinfect surfaces and objects regularly.

• Avoid crowded locations, be flexible, go back when the crowd disperses.

• Stay home if sick.

• Avoid others who are sick.

Part of taking responsibility is knowing where to find reliable facts, information, and resources. Washington State created a website ​​ which is a compilation of all resources with direct links to sites such as the CDC, Washington Dept of Health, and other dependable sites. Stop the spread of rumors and spread the facts by using that site for your updates and information.

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