KOOBDOOGA Finishes Month-Long Series

Veteran Bill Kupchin discussed his time in the US Coast Guard during the final KOOBDOOGA presentation on Saturday. This years theme centered around aeronautics in the military.

The White Salmon Valley Community Library closed out its KOOBDOOGA (a good book backward) events on Oct.27 with a presentation from local National Guard Veteran Bill Kupchin.

Kupchin spoke about his time at the United States Coast Guard Academy, as well as techniques used in rescues with various planes and helicopters across the U.S. many of which took place in various weather conditions throughout Alaska.

This year’s KOOBDOOGA event was centered around aeronautics in the military, with the reading aspect coming from “Danger Close” a novel by Husum native and combat Veteran Amber Smith.

Inspired by the novel, local artist submitted pieces to the library which would be voted on in a “People’s Choice Award” ceremony at the end of the event.

The winners are in a tie for first place: Marbe Cook’s fiber art quilt: “Danger Close Kiowa Warrior “and Ruth Shafer’s mosaic: “Under 1 Umbrella;” second place: Irene Jonas’ acrylic, ink and acrylic: “Sunrise from the Cockpit” and “Night Flight;” finally, in third place: Lorna Crawford’ photography and mixed media: “Behind the Closet Door.”

Next year’s event will be centered around the novel, “Eruption: The Untold Story of Mount St Helens” by Steve Olson.

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