Approximately 1,800 Klickitat Public Utility District customers in Dallesport, Murdock, Lyle, High Prairie, Appleton and Timber Valley will experience an eight-hour electric service outage from 11 pm on Friday, Aug. 15th until 7 am on Saturday, Aug. 16th.

This also includes customers on Lyle-Snowden Rd, Canyon Rd, McGowan Rd, Fisher Hill Rd, Old Hwy 8, Schilling Rd, Hartland Rd, Oak Creek Rd, the Dallesport Industrial Park, the Stacker Butte microwave and communication sites, and portions of the Centerville Highway, State Route 14 and Highway 142.

The main reason for this outage is that the Bonneville Power Administration will be performing maintenance on their transmission lines that serve substations in those areas. Klickitat PUD will be taking advantage of this BPA outage and performing maintenance on transmission lines as well.

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