The State Route 141 speed limit through White Salmon, between NW Garfield Ave-nue and 7th Avenue, will be dropping from 25 mph to 20 mph next month.

The White Salmon City Council voted 4-0 on Wed-nesday to lower the speed limit on this section of SR 141 as it run through City limits, as recommended by the City Operations Committee of Councilors Ashley Post and Jason Hartmann.

Moreover, City Councilors agreed in principle to a Wa-shington State Department of Transportation (DOT) proposal to lower the SR 141 speed limit from 35 mph to 30 mph, from Bingen city limits (milepost 0.50) to 7th Avenue (milepost 1.08) in White Salmon, and from the west City limit near Eyrie Road (milepost 2.59) to west of the Garfield Avenue intersection (milepost 1.64).

White Salmon asked DOT, which owns SR 141, for permission to reduce the speed limit “through the core downtown area,” Clerk/-Treasurer Jan Brending wrote in an Aug. 21 council meeting memo. She said DOT “is in agreement with this re-quest. The first step to acc-omplish the needed speed limit is for the city to adopt an ordinance.”

The next step is to send the approved ordinance to the DOT’s regional office in Van-couver, so staff there can prepare the necessary paperwork to send to Olympia for final approval of the proposed speed limit and an order for new signs.

“I have been told to expect that to take several months,” Brending advised.

The council reworked the proposal presented by staff during Wednesday’s business meeting. It agreed to Post’s amendment to move the eastbound limit down the hill from the vicinity of Fire-man’s Park to 7th Avenue, in consideration that this section of SR 141 is a bus loading and unloading zone on school days.

To get the speed limit from Pucker Huddle (milepost 3.09) to the vicinity of Gar-field Avenue (milepost 1.64) lowered, DOT and the City will need the concurrence of the Klickitat County Board of Commissioners, which sets speed limits in the County’s unincorporated area.

Brending told the council that staff hopes to present an ordinance amendment to councilors in September to start the process of lowering the limit on the east and west sections of SR 141 from 35 mph to 30 mph.

City Administrator Pat Munyan said the City now has to go back to DOT to get its agreement to the changes made at the Aug. 21 council meeting.

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