New Building

A 9,874 square-foot multizone building is set to be complete soon, with one residential and one commercial tenant having signed leases.

Billy Sullivan, with project contractor Simple Works Design and Building, says he expects construction to be completed toward the end of February.

The building, which is located at 418 NE Tohomish St. in White Salmon, will offer space for four commercial units, with the ability for businesses to rent more than one commercial unit at a time.

The building will offer four residential units, each with a master suite in the third-floor loft and one bathroom.

“This building offers an awesome view of Mt. Hood,” said Clayton Horan, the developer of the building.

A tenant is expected to occupy the first residential unit by Mar. 1.

The four residential units are all 1,500 square feet. The third floor, which will serve as the master suite, will also have carpeting while the other levels of the building will have the floor replaced or refinished.

The residential units will include a washer and dryer and two parking stalls per unit. Additional parking for customers is being installed along the side of the building.

Horan also said water and wastewater services for the tenants will be paid for, while electricity and other utilities will be up to the tenants to cover. 

The lower level will hold four commercial spaces. As of Nov. 4, one company, Acct-N-Tax, is due to begin leasing one of the commercial spaces starting December.

Horan, a physician in the Portland area, said he is developing the building because of his desire to retire in the gorge area.

“It’s a beautiful area,” said Horan. “I’m excited to go hiking around there.”

Horan said this is his first time developing a property.

Horan also said he plans to hold an open house some time in December, “when everything is ready.”

Currently, Sullivan says he is in the process of installing the trim for the upstairs apartments and the cabinets. Sullivan said he is also working on installing the flooring for the building.

Each commercial space is 1000 square feet each.

Construction began April 1, according to Sullivan.

The latest inspection of the building was done on Oct. 8, when White Salmon Fire Chief Bill Hunsaker approved the installation of the building’s drywall. The foundation and sidewalk inspections both received a passing grade by Hunsaker in April and June, respectively.

Klickitat County has assessed the project and assigned the building a value of $1.22 million.

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