Mt. Adams bike tour returns for 14th year

This Saturday’s 14th annual Mt. Adams Country Bicycle Tour (MACBT) will be another opportunity to ride the beautiful Mt Adams Country with well marked routes, rest stops, safe sag support, and, of course, wonderful weather.

Bikers can choose from the 11.5-mile Family Fun Ride (Trout Lake Valley), the 51- Mile Loop through Trout Lake, BZ Corner, Glenwood, and back, the 54-Mile Forest Loop (up and down the flanks of Mt Adams) and the combined 105-Mile Infinity Ride (51 + 57 revised mile loops).

Because of major damage on USFS forest roads 23 and 88 that cannot be repaired in time for the event, the Forest Route is not a loop and (good news) the gravel sections at the north end are eliminated. This gives participants more distance options.

The rides are fully safety-supported with sag wagons, emergency teams, radio coverage, snacks/rest stops, optional box lunch, and post-ride meals.

The Mt. Adams Country Bicycle Tour is the major fund raising event organized by the non-profit Trout Lake Area Business Association to help support community charity and service groups. Since 2003, the association has raised $3,000 to $7,000 annually to help school programs, area fire departments, the local grange, etc.

All rides start and end at the Trout Lake School.

11.5-MILE FAMILY FUN RIDE — The not-too-de-manding Fun Ride loop circles the Trout Lake Valley with panoramic views of Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood. All but one mile of this route is on country roads with minimal traffic. Post-ride meal and T-shirt not included. Check-in/registration time is 9 to 11 a.m.

51-MILE TROUT LAKE-BZ CORNER-GLENWOOD LOOP — This loop, formerly known as the “Valley Loop,” takes bikers south to BZ Corner where they make a left turn and climb for 6.5 miles through rural and farmland scenery. Bikers pass by Conboy Lake Wildlife Refuge with many glimpses of Mt. Adams and may see elk, deer and birds indigenous to the area. The route then circles back through pine forest and back into the Trout Lake Valley. 51 miles and total 2,700 feet of′ elevation gain. Post-ride meal and T-shirt included.

Check-in/registration time: 8 to 10 a.m.

54-MILE FOREST LOOP — From Trout Lake climb 14.5 miles, (2,000′ gain), including a short 10% incline and then a long ride down with waterfalls, creeks, eagles, and all the majesty this country provides. From there it’s a 10-mile climb up to Big Tire Junction and then on to a downhill you will never forget, back to Trout Lake, (3,800′ gain). Post-ride meal and T-shirt included.

Note for 2016: due to winter damage, the Forest Loop will be offered as two out-and-back sections totaling 58 miles.

Check-in/registration time is 8 to 10 a.m.

105-MILE INFINITY RIDE — Begin with the 54-mile forest loop, then stop at Heavenly Grounds on the east side of the gas station for lunch before continuing on the 51-mile Trout Lake-BZ Corner-Glenwood Loop to complete the 105-mile ride. Total of 6,500-foot′ elevation gain.

This ride is fully supported with sagwagons, emergency teams, radio coverage, snacks/rest stops, and dinner. Post-ride meal and T-shirt are included.

Check-in/registration time is 7 to 10 a.m.

Costs for the ride are:

$10 – Family fun ride (No meal or T-shirt included)

$65 – TL-BZ-Glenwood Loop

$65 – Mountain Loop

$65 – Infinity Loop

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