Proposed White Salmon Valley pool site

This overlay depicting the proposed White Salmon Valley Pool on White Salmon Valley School District property south of NW Loop Road accompanied the Pool District’s application for a conditional use permit. The Pool Board, by consensus, not a formal vote, identified this location as its preferred site for a new community aquatic center.

Is the proposed swimming pool site south of the Sharon E. Schalk Transportation Center and west of the Middle/Intermediate School viable?

The White Salmon Valley Pool District Board of Commissioners has applied to Klickitat County for a conditional use permit and a de-termination on the site’s viability as the location for a new community swimmng pool.

The Pool Board filed its application on May 31, along with the en-vironmental checklist required per the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). It did so with the hope of getting its application heard in Aug. 5 by the County Board of Adjustment, according to the Pool Board’s May 9 meeting minutes.

The Planning Department gave the project a Determination of Non-Significance on June 13 and began circulating the SEPA checklist to other public agencies and interested parties for a review and comment period through July 5.

Filing of the application and SEPA checklist does not represent the Pool Board’s final selection of a pool site.

That means the Whitson Ele-mentary carpark block owned by the City of White Salmon is still in the running. The City secured this site specifically for a new pool through a land exchange with the School District. The City never followed through with plans to construct a new pool there. As a result, the City has not done a SEPA re-view of the site. Such a review would be done by the applicant Pool District in conjunction with a project permit application.

The Pool Board stated on May 9 during discussion about the site selection process that its “intent has always been to build a two-pool facility, six swim lanes, warm pool and splash pad.”

In the meantime, the Pool Board is doing its due diligence in gathering as much information as it can to help with the site selection.

During a special June 6 meeting to review the status of the pool project, Pool Commissioners discuss-ed and arrived at a consensus on the following topics:

rSite of the pool will be the so-called Middle school site.

rThe project will include a six-lane pool, splash pad, small warm-er pool for lessons and therapy, locker rooms, office, and community room.

rThe pool will have an “extended season,” as in, longer than three months. The exact length of season will be determined in consideration of heating costs and availability of pool staff.

rA public information plan will be implemented, which includes a one-page newsletter with articles and a timeline with a “we are here” indicator. Information will continue to be posted electronically.

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