The Klickitat Trail Conservancy has two important announcements to make.

The first one is the closure of Swale Canyon for the summer, and the second regards the closure of the Wahkiakus trailhead for the summer.

Each summer, the Swale Canyon section of the Klickitat Trail closes due to the risk of fire danger. This year, the temporary closure has arrived early. Currently, the fire rating in Klickitat County is “high,” triggering the annual closure of the Swale Canyon section of the Trail.

The Wahkiacus Bridge across the Klickitat River on Horseshoe Bend Rd., three miles north of Klickitat, is closed for repair until around Oct. 1. This means there will be no access to KTC’s Wahkiacus Trailhead until October. Schilling Rd. will be one-way coming down to Wahkiacus, and Horseshoe Bend Rd. will be one-way going up from Wahkiakus, to access the Centerville Hwy.

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