Yesterday, residents of Washington state voted on a number of issues concerning vehicle taxes, affirmative action and a proposed levy lid lift by Skyline Hospital. Also on the ballot were the contested races for the office of Mayor of White Salmon and Skyline Hospital Commissioner Position #4.

As of 10:00 a.m., the Klickitat County Auditor's Office counted 3,674 ballots submitted for the election and have 605 ballots left to count. 

According to the Secretary of State in Washington State, results will be certified by Klickitat County on Nov. 26, while the Secretary of State will certify the final results by Dec. 5. 

Here are the latest results from Klickitat County posted on the Secretary of State's website. Results posted before certification are unofficial.

Referendum Measure No. 88

A 'yes' vote on R-88 would approve Initiative measure 1000, allowing the state to implement affirmative action without use of quotas or preferential treatment in public education, employment and contracting.

Klickitat County voters rejected the measure with 1,282 votes in favor and 2,237 votes against. Statewide, the measure received 474, 294 votes in favor and 509,144 votes against.

Initiative Measure No. 976

A 'yes' vote on I-976 would reduce, repeal or remove authority to impose certain vehicle taxes and fees and limit annual motor-vehicle license fees to $30, except when concerning voter-approved charges.

Klickitat County voters approved the measure with 2,465 votes in favor and 1,134 votes against. Statewide, the measure received 566,593 votes in favor and 449, 588 votes against.

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution- Senate Joint Resolution No. 8200

A 'yes' vote would amend the state constitution in Article II, section 42 to permit the state legislature to adopt legislation governing certain immediate actions in the event of "catastrophic incidents." The Constitution currently only allows emergency powers in the event of an enemy attack.

Klickitat County voters approved this Resolution with 1,802 votes in favor and 1,694 votes against. Statewide, the resolution received 637,453 votes in favor and 347,692 votes against.

Hospital District #2 Local Proposition no. 1

A 'yes' vote would allow Skyline Hospital to increase the property tax levy rate from $0.31 per $1000 of assessed value to $0.68 per $1000 of assessed value.

Klickitat County voters rejected the Proposition, with 815 votes in favor and 1,015 votes against.

City of White Salmon Mayor

Marla Keethler - 276

Douglas Charters - 63

Write-in - 2

Hospital District #2 Commissioner Position no. 4

Ricky Knowles - 959

Karleen Swarztrauber - 603

Write-in - 11

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