White Salmon’s September Tree of the Month: Green Ash

White Salmon’s tree board, with direction from the city council, is selecting a consulting arborist to inventory and map the city’s park trees and city trees along the Jewett corridor. The arborist will also provide a management plan for the city’s trees and a general forest management plan for the trees of Gaddis Park. This is an important step forward for White Salmon, which was recently awarded the status of Tree City USA. We hope to see an increase of trees planted along streets and within commercial and residential properties of White Salmon and to grow the overhead canopy of leaves and branches that clean our air, provide cooling shade, stimulate the imaginations of children and adults, and lower our stress levels. We also need to acknowledge the huge importance of maintaining our trees by watering, pruning, and treating for disease and insects. Summer drought causes tree stress and potential for bug infestations and is followed by winter’s heavy ice and snow weighing down and snapping weakened tree limbs. Healthy, mature trees are some of a city’s greatest assets, considered one of the few municipal assets that increase in value with age and we recognize the importance of maintaining these assets to increase their growth, health, and lifespans.

Please think twice before you cut down your tree. Your tree may be a source of value, beauty, and comfort to the community around you. It takes less than a day to chop down and remove a tree - but trees take years and generations to grow and mature to their full value and potential. If you feel your tree may pose a potential risk to the area around you, consider what pruning might be done that could save the whole tree from being removed. Consider hiring an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), certified arborist. As building and construction increases in White Salmon, we’ve seen a change in the tree canopy. Some of the trees that were here before us have been removed without thorough consideration. If you have thoughts, comments, or ideas about how you would like your City of White Salmon staff and representatives to care for trees in the community, you are welcome to share with the city council or tree board.

This month we’d like to highlight a beautiful tree that has become an iconic White Salmon tree to many who drive Jewett Boulevard to enter our town. We believe this is a green ash (and we look forward to verifying the species through the consulting arborist’s tree inventory). This sturdy ash tree stands out in front of the former Feast Market and provides beauty in the midst of pavement and commercial buildings. In the coming months, watch as its leaves change and glow a bright, glorious yellow. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, the green ash is a fast-growing, hardy tree that adapts well to most soil conditions and blocks sunlight with a wide-spreading canopy of 25-40 feet at maturity.

What is your favorite tree in White Salmon?

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