Mill A fireman’s breakfast put on backburner this year

In the past, the Mill A Volunteer Firemen (MAV) have held a biscuits and gravy breakfast in conjunction with the eighth-grade plant sale. Due to scheduling circumstances, MAV is unable to provide a fireman’s breakfast fundraiser this year. We would like to thank all the local communities for supporting their volunteer firefighters and we hope to be back in the kitchen next year.

On a side note, the Mill A Crafty Ladies Club has pieced and quilted a magnificent piece of artwork in the form of a quilt. It will be raffled off at the 4th of July parade and BBQ and proceeds go to support the MAV. Tickets may be bought at the event or purchased early from Liz Green; she can be reached at 509-538-2568.

Liz Green


Mill A Volunteer

Community invited to join nuisance ordinance discussion

I would like to extend an invitation to all residents of, and/or property owners in, White Salmon to attend a meeting on May 15 to discuss a proposed blight/nuisance ordinance. It is important to make your voice heard and help us in the decision-making process as we go forward. Many of the proposed changes in this ordinance will, or could someday have, a direct impact on you and your property. Thank you for taking the time to help us govern our city effectively.

Jason Sabourin

White Salmon

Be safe rather than suffer; protect yourself vs. ticks

Lyme disease can be debilitating. If this letter helps to prevent Lyme disease in a single person, I will have achieved my goal. In July of 2012, I contracted Lyme Disease, a tick-borne pathogen which can be extremely debilitating if not treated in a timely fashion. I was a fairly healthy, active 48-year-old who became effectively bedridden for well over two and a half months. The symptoms were so debilitating I could not leave my home easily. My symptoms were very serious and extremely diverse: severe neurological issues, excessive muscle pain and stiffness, arthritis, cardiac issues. For the first time in my 25-year teaching career, I was unable to return to school. Although it is believed that Lyme disease is not present in the Columbia River Gorge, I am well aware of the potential of misdiagnosis and undereporting due to the complex and misunderstood nature of the disease.

Become informed regarding ticks and tick-borne diseases. Ticks can carry multiple pathogens other than Lyme disease and can cause serious illness. Be aware and take action: check for ticks, take showers after outdoor activities, and be proactive in your choice of clothing when hiking. Long pants tucked in will help to reduce your chances of a tick being able to climb. If bitten by a tick, contact your family doctor. After 10 months of struggling with symptoms of joint, muscle, and neurological issues I would have to say to be safe rather than suffer.

John R. Elyard


NRA tactics reminiscent of darker period in history

One can own a gun without being a fat, arrogant, swaggering thug trying to bully and intimidate the rest of us. As I look at the NRA convention in Texas, I am reminded that Hitler’s brownshirts and death camps provide a lasting example of what can can happen if we put up with this sort of behavior until it is too late. It may be necessary to grab them by the throat and make them behave.

Jerrold Richards


A generous community made cancer benefit ‘great’

Thank you so much to the Eagles, everyone who donated for the silent auction, bid on the auction, everyone who came and everyone who helped make the benefit dinner so great! Having cancer is horrible but having a community, friends and, family stand behind me and my family through this whole process makes it so much easier to fight! I’m in awe of everyones generosity. Thank you so much.

Tiffany Baumgarten and Family

White Salmon

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