In an effort to better understand adult perceptions of substance use among youth, Our Klickitat Prevention Coalition is participating in administering a state-wide annual survey of adults throughout Klickitat County.

The brief anonymous survey is available online in both English and Spanish and is due by Dec. 15.

It is open to residents, as well as those who may live outside of the county but are connected to the community on a regular basis, such as parents who have students that attend Klickitat County schools or adults who work in the county. Our Klickitat needs to reach 180 or more collected surveys, and at the time of release the group has received just over 100 completed surveys.

Our Klickitat’s English Survey can be accessed at and the Spanish survey is located at

 “We would like to invite all Klickitat County adult community members to participate in this survey through one of your local prevention coalitions,” said Tammy Kaufman, coordinator. Our Klickitat Prevention Coalition is one of three organizations that are administering the survey across Klickitat County.

The group is partnering with the Klickitat-Lyle Against Substance Abuse Coalition (KLASAC) and Coalition for Preventing Abuse in Klickitat County (CPAKC) which serves the greater Goldendale area. Our Klickitat handles surveys for community members in all other towns and communities in order for the group to get a more complete picture of perceptions county-wide.

Paper copies can also be obtained at the Washington Gorge Action Programs (WAGAP) office in Bingen. Those would need to be returned by Dec. 10 to leave time for data entry. Surveys are run by the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery through the Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative program.

Our Klickitat started in 2016 and is operated under WGAP. The coalition received funding beginning in 2018 through the national Drug Free Communities 5-year grant program. This national effort combats youth drug addiction through community involvement by building comprehensive strategies to reduce risk factors for substance misuse and addiction, and counterbalance them with protective factors, such as community engagement and healthy activities. Visit to learn more.

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