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May is here, and spring is in full swing. We will gain over an hour of daylight during the month, and usually see an increasing number of clea…


Welcome to April, our first full month of spring. As I write this in mid-March, with still over two feet of snow here in Trout Lake, spring so…

April, our first full month of spring. After a long winter, it sounds good! We are now past the first day of spring, and Earth’s northern hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun. Day length during April will increase by almost an hour and a half.

Welcome to February, our shortest month. The month will feature great evening views of Venus, Jupiter in the morning, and some nice overhead passes of the International Space Station. Step outside when the weather clears!

September is my favorite month for stargazing. Nightfall comes earlier, so one doesn’t need to wait until very late to enjoy the dark skies.